January 24, 2022

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What does the WiFi 6 standard bring?

What does the WiFi 6 standard bring?

The emergence of the WiFi 6 standard was an important step towards an interconnected world. To use the full potential of the WiFi 6 standard, it is necessary to conduct an individual analysis for each company that wants to use this technology.

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The new 802.11ax standard, often referred to as WiFi 6, has solved the main problem in wireless networks in terms of capacity. In the future, every connected device and service will have the transmission capacity it needs. It does not happen that a smart light bulb requires a relatively small transmission capacity that would reduce the capacity required for a connected laptop. Technologies such as augmented reality, 4K resolution, machine learning or artificial intelligence require more bandwidth, higher levels of parallel data transfers and lower latency. This is where WiFI 6 comes into play.

The WiFi 6 standard basically supports all digital trends that are currently improving and accelerating business. However, the art of using the advantages of the WiFi 6 standard lies not only in its implementation, but also in its integration into the entire network.

Higher efficiency for families, etc. groupácie

The main benefit of the WiFi 6 standard is the improved efficiency and capacity of wireless networks, and we expect it to be deployed primarily in buildings such as large transport hubs, public spaces, universities and other schools. WiFi 6 will also be used in high-rise buildings, smart manufacturing, and healthcare. Also in the hospitality industry, where today guests need a digital way to order and pay for services.

Better security thanks Wifi 6

Reducing the risks associated with big data is a particular challenge for public administrations and institutions such as universities and schools. To do this, of course, it is necessary to provide the best possible security. The WiFi 6 standard provides an opportunity to make better use of business capabilities while at the same time ensuring greater protection of important data.

The WiFi 6 standard is designed to be able to do more than just transfer data to specific industries and speed up operations.

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