January 29, 2022

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What does the new restaurant look like at the Jurkoviková heating station? Take a look at our amazing interior and food test

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If anti-pandemic measures are relaxed, treat yourself to lunch or dinner in the Werk Restaurant, which has only recently opened in the renovated Jurkovič heating station. Although the prices are high, this unique space with international cuisine is a must. We did this before closing.

Werk Restaurant, which welcomed its first visitors at the end of October, is currently closed until further notice. If you haven’t been to this extraordinary region yet, at least take a look at our photos of the interior and plan a visit, when the situation is more favorable, it will pay off. We have also tested several dishes for you.

It seems that the creators of the Werk concept have tried everything to make the restaurant one of the most popular in our city. Our first impression is great, we admire everything from the elegant interior with the transparent ceiling that pays homage to the history of an exceptional place, through the work of the chefs right before our eyes to the presentation of dishes that often look like small works of art. We haven’t started eating that yet.

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Chefs working before your eyes.

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The dining experience is enhanced by the exceptional atmosphere.

We can choose meat or vegetarian food from the menu, we tried both, but first for the soup. we had minestrone (2.50€) with white beans, macaroni and hard lamb cheese and we mention it was a hit, it was also reasonably dense, we would accept it warmer.

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Minestrone vegetable soup

Hokkaido phrase (7.50€) as a vegetarian main course it was a wonderful colorful meal. Serve them with buckwheat flour that refines the delicate taste of pumpkin sauce.

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Hokkaido phrase

The second list on the list was salmon (10.70€) with hollandaise sauce and boiled potatoes. The fish was very tasty, the sauce even raised it to a higher level, but the fries were a bit cold and some were undercooked.

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Salmon with hollandaise sauce and boiled potatoes

was happier falafel (6.80 euros). In the description of this little dish served with pita bread, we read all the blessings we love: chickpeas, muhammara, purple carrots, but also spiced sumac, which completed the overall impression. It was a culinary act where all the ingredients match a unique taste.

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The salad was delicious tabbouleh (€ 9.70) with halloumi cheese, everything advertised in it was also felt. Ingredients were added with feeling, there was not much. The lemon sauce on the roman salad was absolutely amazing, the grilled halloumi cheese was the standard taste, but maybe nothing to improve it, it could have been warmer. The bulgur-tomato mix is ​​good too, we enjoyed it.

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Tabbouleh salad with halloumi cheese

We also ordered Shredded beef shoulders (12.20€) with potato gnocchi, grilled tomato cream and pecorino hard Italian cheese. Unlike other dishes, in this case we had no reservations about the temperature of the food, it was just perfect. The beef was very tender and tender, the taste of the gnocchi was balanced, and everything was with perfect flavour.

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Shredded beef shoulders

Our rating: ****

Maximum: *****

The restaurant was not informed of the visit. The editors paid for the consumption themselves.


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