December 7, 2021

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What can be done with food after the warranty period expires?  See what the second business card looks like

What can be done with food after the warranty period expires? See what the second business card looks like

The second package to improve the business environment from the workshop of the Ministry of Economy Reduced from 469 to 207 procedures as a result. Together they must do business Save up to 200 million eurosEconomics Minister Richard Sollick.

We are also working on the third kilo

The proposal is being submitted to the Ministerial Comments Procedure and the Ministry would like to submit it to Parliament in November, subject to government approval. Sollick determined that 17 of the originally proposed measures were already in effect in other legal regulations after a detailed review, the ministry withdrew another 83 after arguments from opponents and 31 decided to move MH to Cart 3, which the ministry is in. Already working. At the same time, the other party rejected 131 complaints, but, according to Sollick, they will continue to implement them, also in cooperation with Prime Minister Eduard Heger. “207 proposals have not yet been approved. Kilečko 2 contains 207 proposals that we will implement,” Solik added.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Health explained that the second package of measures differs from those approved by Parliament last summer. In the wording of the paragraph, only 35 measures are proposed, and the others will be implemented in the normal legislative process, for example in the form of amendments and comments. The largest number of changes, 35, must be implemented by the Ministry of Economy from this package, 31 actions belong to the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will each implement more than 20 measures. Other changes are split among 13 other institutions.

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Grocery, driving school, and email boxes

For example, the Ministry of Economy proposes that documents from the e-mail box be usable for legal business without secured transfer, it also wants to enable the sale of non-food goods even after their expiration or simplify the obligation to report the stay of foreign guests.

Other proposed changes include, for example, introducing the possibility for driving schools to teach through e-learning or liberalizing hygiene requirements in gastronomic establishments by specifying fewer washbasins.

Parliament approved the first “trade quota” in early July last year. The legal rule brought 114 changes. For example, it adjusted the amount of administrative fees, canceled many notification obligations for entrepreneurs, introduced the possibility of fulfilling obligations to the Social Insurance Agency within another seven-day period or clearly increased the maximum fuel expenditure incurred compared to the data from the technical card.