December 9, 2021

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What are the requirements for Slovaks to have a smartphone?  The survey showed that we care more about these qualities

What are the requirements for Slovaks to have a smartphone? The survey showed that we care more about these qualities

Scan data

The results of the survey showed that the Slovak user has the following requirements for smartphone technology: the right price (67% of respondents), sufficient battery life (51%) or the quality of the camera (44%). Men choose a new model mainly on the basis of performance, brand and display quality, while using mobile phone as well as communication, especially for shooting wide-angle shots, listening to music, navigating or playing games.

It is important for women to have a high-quality camera with a good selfie camera on their smartphone, the ability to use several filters or also a large enough memory to store a lot of photos and videos. At the same time, they often use their smartphone to take pictures or browse social networks.

Source: Huawei

What matters most to us?

As many as 54% of respondents said that in addition to basic communication such as phone call or text messaging, most people surf the Internet most often and more than half (51%) regularly watch social networking content. Other frequent activities on smartphones include photography (49%), mobile banking or mobile payments (40%), listening to music or watching movies (28%), but also playing games (17%).

Based on this survey, Huawei has come up with a contactless payment option via the Curve app and is constantly working to ensure that the Huawei AppGallery has all the necessary apps from local developers.

Source: Huawei

A new definition of a leader

Earlier this month, the company launched its brand new smartphone Huawei Nova 9, which offers all the features of a flagship at half the price, and at the same time perfectly captures all the requirements for a smartphone that an ordinary Slovakian would buy.

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The newly 6.6 inch large screen with a good resolution and 120Hz refresh rate is enough space for a full experience of watching social networks or playing mobile games. The foundation of the Huawei nova series is innovation. Since its launch in 2016, the series represents a new embodiment of Huawei’s innovative technologies in a stylish coat. It’s the ultimate personal assistant designed for busy, independent, creative people who are constantly on the go.

Source: Huawei

high quality camera

Present times appreciate life to the fullest. Few people can do without a camera phone that they can rely on in any situation, be it day or night. Nova 9 captures all the important moments, even in the dark or in poor lighting. New with advanced day and night shooting modes, you can take pictures in any situation.

Lucas Kymlicka

Source: Huawei

Fast Shipping

One of the biggest concerns is battery life, identified by as many as 51% of Slovaks surveyed. Like previous Huawei smartphones, the nova 9 excels with a large battery – with a capacity of up to 4300 mAhThanks to it, you will take care of endurance throughout the day, regardless of the load and frequency of use. The ultra-fast Huawei SuperCharge charger ensures that it only takes 53 percent to charge your phone 15 minutes 100 percent for a fee 38 minutes.

The high performance of the smartphone allows it to handle all the daily tasks or multimedia content. The novelty is on sale in Slovakia in black and star blue at a recommended retail price of €499.