January 21, 2022

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Weekly - Far Cry and Alan Wake are coming together

Weekly – Far Cry and Alan Wake are coming together

Last week, Far Cry 6 came close, revealing the arrival of Alan Wake Remastered or other news. Specifically, Far Cry 6 showed us things that have changed compared to previous games, as XP level will change in particular and will depend on the game’s continuation. It also showed its PC requirements, which are high on the highest settings, but there is also Ray Tracking. In the PC it also introduced its functionality, which is where the ray tracing system comes in, even if there is no DLSS, since it has AMD under its thumb, so there will be their FSR.

Alan Wake Remastered has been mentioned several times in the past and now appears to be coming October 5th on Xbox consoles, Playstation and possibly PC in the Epic Store. It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but we’re waiting for the announcement this week.

We’ve learned from other companies that CD Projekt plans to release next-generation updates on Cybeprunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 by the end of this year, although they don’t promise to, they don’t know if anything will be delayed. Naughty Dog is once again promising to see Uncharted and Last of Us games. Additionally, there has been a new leak about the arrival of the Uncharted Collection on Steam, but we don’t know if that’s true. Perhaps he will confirm or deny it tomorrow.

Speaking of Sony, it has currently launched pre-orders for Horizon Forbidden West, but it hasn’t kept its promise that the upgrade will be free. They offered the PS4 version 70 euros and the PS5 version 80 euros. PS5 version has not been upgraded. Sony ditched this after criticism and added a free upgrade. However, it has set a new standard and all additional upgrades will be paid for from PS4 to PS5.

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Microsoft also had to warn once again that the Starfield version will only be released on PC and Xbox platforms, and there will be no exclusive time. He also scheduled the release of Windows 11 for October 5, promising the best Windows operating system to date. Which we are waiting for, as more game features will come.

Take Two also, albeit not games, announced another psychics hunt, putting the two of them on trial to reverse-engineer old GTA games. No wonder they start coughing to support their games and leave fashion without them noticing.

For a change, EA showcased Battlefield 2042 specialists as well as their unique weapons and abilities, and on Google Play they showcased Battlefield Mobile, which will soon be tested in Indonesia. In addition, we received the date of the remastered Crysis trilogy, which will be released on October 15. Snowrunner showed his next content in the second year.

From the hardware side, we looked at how graphics card prices have shifted and seem to have stagnated over the summer and are now at an all-time low. Now in the fall, it will start to rise again. We also have statistics on the sale of watches and bracelets, with Xiaomi taking the lead and overtaking Apple. Finally, Asus showcased its innovations in laptops, adding OLED screens to its all-new series of Zenbooks, Vivobooks, and Studiobooks.

Among the mobile phones, Xiaomi is currently showing the Redmi 10 Prime, and when we are in mobile phones, Korea was the first to acknowledge the need for Google and Apple to add payment gateways to their stores. The law has already been passed in Parliament and it is sufficient for the President to sign it.

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Watch Dogs launched a Money Heist event this week that is scheduled to premiere the first half of the series’ fifth series. It has now received 5 more episodes and will receive the last 5 episodes in December. The series is also available in Czech on Netflix.

From the reviews we’ve tested on Quake remaster and Kings Bounty II, we’ve added an interview about the just-announced Frostpunk 2, and we’ve also taken a closer look at the upcoming horror movie House of Ashes from the Dark Pictures series. We also looked at Golf Club Wasteland and Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX+. In hardware, we looked at Samsung The Frame TV and their new classic Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4. They also added a new magazine:

We concluded the week with a podcast on the topic of game-based books, specifically Match talking to the authors of Skeldahl and BioSctor.