October 23, 2021

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Weekly #52 – Those related to GTA remaster, bete Battlefield 2042 and Konami

What happened in the game world in the last 7 days?

The match season is in full swing and that is why match after match is heading towards us. But besides that, here we still have companies that forgot to tell us all year long that they still plan to release their game in 2021. Most important. Rock star. So, what happened in the last week?

GTA Trilogy is finally and official

Weeks of speculation has said that Rockstar will release the GTA III trilogy, Vice City and San Andreas later this year. And in this case, this speculation was completely accurate, which was confirmed by the studio Rockstar Games. We will see the match later this year. So what more can you take away from that? It might just be GTA VI, but Rockstar is clearly taking his time with it.

Konami’s victories and defeats

The Japanese publisher is planning an amazing return to the mainstream gaming industry. Through the Silent Hill, Castlevania and Metal Gear brands. We will see what the fruits of these efforts will be, but if it is at the level of the last football from Konami, they would prefer not to try.

Battlefield 2042 Beta

Oh DICE… I don’t know about you like that, but it seems to us that DICE didn’t think much of the new Battlefield. Unfortunately. In addition, although it is a beta version, it is clear that the game is not quite ready for release.

Twitch Hack

During the week, the source code for the Twitch service leaked onto the Internet, along with some hot information. For example, the amount of money popular streamers received from Twitch in just over two years. fun reading…

Ghost Recon must die

Ubisoft has announced a new Ghost Recon, and if you think you’ve learned it, you’d better not hope. Ghost Recon: Frontline is Battle Royale, the third in Ubisoft’s release. Congratulations on the originality and ability to further disgrace the name Tom Clancy …


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