December 2, 2021

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Weekly - 20 Years of Xbox

Weekly – 20 Years of Xbox

Microsoft marked its big day this week as it celebrated 20 years since the launch of Xbox, which was introduced by live streaming. He announced a documentary on Xbox development in December, adding more than 70 titles for backward compatibility, though he added that this might be the last addition. Because rights and licenses are big problems here. However, in the end, he surprisingly launched the multiplayer beta version of Halo Infinite. It’s a huge hit for players, although the authors didn’t catch the battle pass progress first and will be tweaking it later. They’ve already made the first changes and progress is being made with each game.

In the meantime, I also played the Halo Infinite campaign, which is perhaps the best in the Halo series, in which the authors were able to transform the original style of the game into an open world, providing a comprehensive storytelling in the missions and a lot of activities in the environment. The world is well organized and it looks like the campaign progress will be fun as well.

Among other highlights, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, confirmed Xbox/PC exclusivity on The Elder Scrolls VI throughout the week, and confirmed that Game Pass is very sustainable and therefore not a loss in its current state. Analysts added that the Xbox Series S is selling better than the Xbox Series X in some major markets. Microsoft knows this and knows the goal of the Xbox Series S, so they’re bringing the Fortnite bundle there and it’s also being announced with Khaby and Fortnite. On the other hand, he’s pushed big titles on Xbox Series X, announcing Flight Simulator, Halo, or even Forza Horizon 5. Forza already has over 10 million players.

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At the same time, Phil responded to problems at Activision Blizzard. The company’s president, Bobby Kotik, was said to have known about the sexual harassment and also helped get many of them under the rug. Phil said he was considering a further collaboration with Activision, and the head of PlayStation was concerned about the situation. At the same time, employees and shareholders really want the appeal of Bobby. The painting keeps it there, but we’ll see how long it lasts. Stocks are dropping more and more, and even the Call of Duty issue hasn’t helped them.

Neither EA nor DICE helped change the Battlefield 2042 release last Friday. The game looks outdated and although it has improved compared to the early access, the first day patch didn’t bring enough tweaks. The game mainly has problems with missing features that simply belong to Battlefield, but also with the improvement and design of some things. On the other hand, the gate is a great thing. We’ll write more about this later in the review.

Steame is one of the worst games at 26%.

Rockstar, who has already admitted that GTA The Trilogy has not caught up and apologizes, did not succeed in a similar way. PC players are given the original versions of the games as a patch. So far, the triple has been corrected by psychics.

The pandemic and housework may have done their job, but the games could also be postponed. Capcom elegantly demonstrates how to do it:

Among other news, Nvidia introduced DLSS 2.3 and released Nvidia Image Scaling, which is AMD’s FSD competitor, only according to Nvidia’s demonstrations, it is of better quality. The nominations were announced at the Game Awards, where surprisingly Forza wasn’t nominated in their Games of the Year, but it’s ultimately a racing game and they’re hard-pressed to get among these selections.

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Finally, the Czech-Slovak Games Week has begun, where you can buy our local games with discounts. We have also included interesting games, so you can choose. From the Slovak games, the Galaxy Highways title has now been introduced.

From the reviews, we brought a review of the GTA version The Trilogy Definitive, which turned out very poorly. We also had a look at the Far Cry 6 Vaas Instanity DLC, which offers a very cool expedition to Cape Vaasa and also offers interesting twists. We’ve also added comments on Highfleet, Disciples Liberation, a preview of Giants Uprising and Seed of Life, as well as a fun unpacking in Unpacking. Preview got Shadow Tactics – Aiko Selection Extension.

From the hardware, we looked at the Logitech G335 and G333 headphones and also made a list of interesting PCs for Christmas. We’ve summed up Harry Potter games from history and on the aforementioned 20 years, we’ve done a podcast about Xbox history in Slovakia with ex-Microsoft employees. You will learn interesting things in it.

Next week we will be giving reviews on Battlefield 2042, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, Jurassic World Evolution 2, and other interesting games.