October 21, 2021

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Web light. Lebanon, the end of a canal water

This is the end of a canal water. Since 2019, Pace to Godre has faced a major financial crisis that has pushed its people into poverty. Formerly considered the “Switzerland of the Middle East”, Lebanon is indebted to its leaders and faces the consequences of the country’s poor governance.

Thousands of Lebanese took to the streets in October 2019 to express their anger. But in addition to the financial crisis, by 2020, the Govt-19 epidemic and the outbreak of the port of Beirut added to the country’s misery.

Benjamin Barthe reporter The world In Beirut. In this episode of Podcast’s “L’Houre du Monte”, he tells us how Lebanon has changed in a few years.

A chapter directed by Amaranth Robilard and produced by Serial Bedu, presented by Morgan Duel.

“World Time”

“L’Heure du Monte” is a daily news podcast The world. Listen to a new chapter every day from 6am Lemonde.fr Or on Spotify. All chapters can be found here.

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