November 28, 2021

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Wearable Lung Monitor Saves Lives Even With Metal

Wearable Lung Monitor Saves Lives Even With Metal

Recently, more and more smart devices are being launched on the market, which are not only used for entertainment, but also bring benefits or even can save lives. The last example is a prototype of a company Respira Laboratories Wearable Sylvee Glued.

It is a device that is attached to the chest and constantly monitors the lungs. It is indicated for people with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other diseases affecting the lungs. Currently, it is mainly COVID-19, which leaves behind a number of people with varying degrees of lung damage.

Sylvee is worn on the chest. It makes a sound and picks up a lung echo, so it can assess lung health.ZDROJ | Breath laboratories

Worn in the lower chest, Sylvee provides easy, continuous assessment of lung function without having to inflate anything. The patch has built-in speakers and microphones, which measure changes in vocal resonance.

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The system can measure the change in sound reflected from air bubbles in the lungs. A simple sound, without echo, easily reflected from healthy lungs. Sylvee uses the data to measure lung volume, capacity, flow rate, and any trapped air.

CEO and Founder of Respira Lab Dr. Maria Artundaga, explains: “Applied science correctly shows that air capture can be measured with over 90% accuracy using low-frequency sound. There is a clear difference in the acoustic resonance spectrum of COPD patients compared to healthy patients.”

Doctor. Maria Artunduaga lives a sad personal experience with the severe deterioration of her grandmother’s health,ZDROJ | Breath laboratories

Maria Artunduaga says there are more than 100 million people with decreased lung activity in the United States alone (COPD, COVID-19, asthma and older adults). Sylvee can improve her quality of life, even helping her save herself by being able to report disturbances in a timely manner.

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By the way, Sylvie was named after Artonduage’s grandmother, who developed COPD and died after a sudden deterioration. Sylvie could potentially save her life today.

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The device facilitates early diagnosis and treatment of acute deterioration that respiratory patients should avoid.

Maria Artunduaga

Distorted medical questionnaires and inaccurate pulse oximetry ignore up to 50% of new respiratory and respiratory tract infections. disease recurrence.

ZDROJ | Breath laboratories

Respira Labs wants to achieve 90% accuracy in a large study with more than 500 patients in the United States and internationally. The company wants to publish the results in professional journals by the end of next year. Sylvee is currently in the prototype stage, and FDA approval is expected over the next 18 months.

SourceRespira Laboratories