January 29, 2022

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We won’t see Touch ID under the screen this year, iPhone 13 will still rely on Face ID

An apple For several months he tested under-display fingerprint sensor technology. However, her next flagship line, iPhone 13, will mainly rely on Face ID, that is, face scanning, to inform the server Mac rumors Referring to a report from Mark Gorman from Bloomberg.

Apple originally considered making its users’ secondary biometrics available for authentication in the form of Touch ID located at the bottom of the screen. It will work similarly to the sensors at the bottom of the screen on competing Android smartphones. Although the first generations of this technology were not as reliable as physical sensors, hard work and several years of development were able to eliminate almost all of the shortcomings. Today, probably all the flagship smartphones and even some mid-range smartphones have this verification method. The only exceptions are iPhones.

This repeats the scenario of last year, when Apple wanted to bring higher refresh rate offerings to its flagship phones, but due to the many issues, many of which never appeared, Apple moved its implementation to the iPhone 13. This should show us. Already in September.

iPhone SE (2020) Thus, it is the latest smartphone from Apple, which has a Touch ID sensor, even if it is only in physical form. However, it also has the latest iPad Air, as engineers have integrated the sensor into the home button.

The sensor under the screen is coming (maybe) next year

iPhone 13 users will still have to rely on Face ID, which will be integrated into a slightly smaller interval. However, keep in mind that since iOS 14.5, the iPhone can also be unlocked with a watch Apple Watch.

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it’s a shame. Undoubtedly, many will appreciate the presence of Touch ID, especially now, at a time when our faces are covered with curtains and respirators. Those who join this group will have to wait a year longer. But let’s hope you don’t need a headscarf or respirators.