October 22, 2021

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We will have one of the best defenses in the league

Today 15:04

HK Spišská Nová Ves hockey players enter the 2021/2022 extra league season to show the right character for the team and delight the spectators.

The newcomer to the top competition is also dependent on their support, but this is questionable given the state of the pandemic. The pre-season club management strengthened the staff, who won promotion from the lower competition and many armies joined the team.

“We want them to be our nose players who will help in this experience. At the same time, we are still looking for the central striker in the first formation, who is also a good shooter,” coach revealed Miroslav Mosnar.

His team played ten preparatory matches. “First of all, we wanted to find the right team composition, which we didn’t do well. We’ve had a lot of injuries, so we have to be more patient in finding relationships between players in matches. However, I think we already have the basic twins. We want to show character and play at the highest level possible. It will be important to play fully in every match. The opening matches will show how we compare to other teams and whether reinforcement is needed.”

Mosnar led Spišiakov to advance to the top of the competition and also earned the management’s confidence in the league’s overtime season. He’s already led Nové Zámky in top competition, so he knows what awaits his men.

“We’ve made a big change in the staff and that’s why it’s important to play. We need to jump on the speed of perceiving game situations. These are our biggest challenges in the near future. That’s also why I’m very happy that we played with Zvulin, for example. She showed We had a lot in the match and the players felt different.”

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Hong Kong coach Spišská Nová Ves Miroslav Mosnár.

Source: TASR

In addition to the potential arrival of a midfielder, experienced starting goalkeeper Július Hudáček is also in the game. The club’s management is discussing with him the possibility of working at the beginning of the season.

As captain, Spišiakov will be led by Branislav Rabash, who also helps his brother Richard in administrative activities. “We didn’t know how much work needed to be done to be able to play the extra league at the level needed. The amount of work was really big, and it took me by surprise. But I feel good. I was looking forward to the extra season in the league after coming to the club and I am looking forward to it now. “, he don RapperWho would think that with his teammates they would revive the extra league.

“I think when we play and all the players we have hired are with the team, we will have one of the best defenses in the league. We also have a high quality goalkeeper job. We have many predatory youngsters in attack, and they are also excellent skaters. I think we have enough staff. to play in the playoffs.

Spišici advanced to the overtime league after defeating Celina in the Slovak Hockey League finals. They haven’t replaced any team at the top of the competition, as they weren’t in shape last year. However, the 2021/2022 season will again bring the risk of relegation, and the weakest player in the extra league will meet the winner of the SHL. According to coach Spišiakov Mosnár, this fact has affected and will affect the behavior of clubs in the transfer market and may ultimately improve the competition. According to Rapáč, the level of this disease is increasing.

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HK Spišská Nová Ves’ squad has been reinforced – Canadian defender died by spawning.

Source: TASR

“I played in the Slovak Premier League some year ago and I can say that every season is better. I think if we compare Poprad’s squad 6-7 years ago, when I played there, with the current squad, it will be completely different.

Then we played in the quiet middle of the table, but today we’re going to play for the rescue. This is a good example of where the league has moved. Every year, a better corps comes, and we at the club are also surprised by the quality of the foreign players we have brought in.” he don Branislav Rabash.

The newcomer from outside the league expects an estimated budget of around one million euros. This includes the cost of the first team, but also the general management of the club. “The income from the entrance fee should be about 30-40 percent of the total budget, we don’t know how many spectators will be able to come to the stands. However, the budget is covered by almost all sponsors. Practically all the sponsors we had last season stayed with us and were done add more” added Rapper.

HK Spišská Nova Ves test results are in preparation

Spisska N. Ves – Krakow 1: 2Target Spišská N. Village: Džugan

Poprad – Spisska N. Ves 3: 1Target: Phil / Tatra Cup /

Specca in Face – L. Micholas 3: 6Goals: Gijak, Kurko, Koro / Tatra Cup /

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Spisska N. Ves – Presov 5:3Targets: Bewdry, Koro, Ai Novak, Gijak, Surko

Serge Pontoise – Spisska N. Ves 1: 5, Targets: B. Rapáč 2, Hamráček, Ščurko, Vrábeľ / Tournament in Paris /

Amiens – Spisska N. Ves 3: 2– Goals: Olignik, Zicochea / Championship in Paris /

Rouen – Spisca N. Face 2: 1Target: Strauch

Zilina – Spisska N. Ves 2: 3Number of goals: Korko 2, Cherny / Slovak Cup /

Skalica – Spisska N. Ves 2: 3Number of goals: Jicak, Romajak, Cerny / Slovak Cup /

Spisska N. Ves – Zvolen 0:5 / Slovakia Cup /

HK Spišská Nova Ves


Marcel Melcherc, Philip Sorac, Julius Hodjek (no contract yet)


Arvin Atwal, Jeremy Boudry (both were.), Boris Chesanek, Match Chauvin, Zubomir Malena, Peter Ordzhovinsky, David Romack, Alexander Zicochea, Matt Petgrave (can.) Mate Grek, Mate Petrick


Jakub Cerny (Czech Republic), Robert Duggan, Mate Jake, Lukas Hamraczyk, Hanno Koro (Finland), Ivan Novak, Gabriel Olenic, Branislav Rabach, Ladislav Kurko, Andreas Strauch, Timotigue Tomala, Damokis (Tekzarch), Poland Vrábeľ

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