January 27, 2022

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We will do everything to save the league

Yesterday 16:22

Winter training for the Slovak club of fortune FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce-Vráble will take place in the spring of 2021/2022 exclusively at home.

On Monday, coach Ľuboš Benkovsk’s side started without Martin Gambusch, but with returnees Michel Pinter and Tomsey Grozdanovsky. Gambusch ended his activity in the team after the fall part, striker Tomas Horak came to the test from the triple league Galanta. The club is ready for rescue work, the team in the penultimate barrage position in the table after the fall part, lose a point to save safety.

“We know our situation, and I think we will get the tasks ahead of us during the short winter training. The staff basically stayed together. We are here to do everything we can to save the league. It is good that the guys who are back know what they are up to.” The coach said Benkowski And at the expense of the added employment.

“We are looking for a higher rated player, as we did last season. I don’t want to talk about the coins mentioned, everything is in the dissolution stage. Duga, Kovaľ and Chobot are back after the operation, and they won’t have time for the spring part yet. I don’t know. After the last word on extending the contract with Kisiridis. Hurak came to the test, he is a player from less competition, and we will see how he performs.”

Pole midfield Dennis Duga and defender Michel Pinter stood behind the booth in front of the media. “I am very happy to finally be with the guys. I am looking forward to it, but nothing easy is waiting for us. But I think we will prepare well in the spring and that we will move up the table. Today I passed my post-surgery exams and I hope everything will be OK “ advertiser Rainbow.

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“After half a year spent in Liptovsky Mikulas, we sat down with the owner, explained everything and agreed. Thanks to the owner who held me several times, it’s time to pay off the debts, ” clearer Pinter.

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Photo: Winter training will take place in Šilina in the classical way, and a year later they will visit …

The Vionists are planning five preparatory meetings, which, in the framework of the Tipsport League, will meet with Trnava, Skalica and Senica. All meetings will be held in Scenic. The penultimate duel will be with Podbrezová and the general against Petržalka. A year ago, they had to opt out of the Tipsport League due to the coronavirus. Zlatomoravčans will travel to Poprad for the spring preliminary round of the Fortuna League, where they will compete against Liptovský Mikuláš (February 12).

Winter Training Program ViOn-Zlaté Moravce

January 15:

13:00 Spartak Trnav – ViOnA (scenic)

January 19:

10:30 ViOn – MFK Skalica (scenic)

January 22:

10:30 FK Senica – ViOn (scenic)

January 29:

13:00 ViOn – Železiarne Podbrezová (ViOn)

February 5:

13:00 FC Petržalka – ViOn (ViOn)

February 12:

ViON Zlate Moravce – MFK Liptovsky Mikulas (Twentieth Round Florida, Poprad)

Unconventional shot. Robert Lewandowski scored a great goal in training: