January 22, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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We want to help like our neighbors!

We want to help like our neighbors!

Small business owners in our country feel written off or like poor relatives compared to the way they work in neighboring countries, especially in Poland and the Czech Republic. It is also pathetic with financial compensation for the losses incurred by the state. Many entrepreneurs and their vaccinated clients don’t understand why the vaccine wasn’t their “freedom” card, our government officials say. So they feel disappointed and deceived.

Andrea Tatarkova (50) and Adriana Simkova (35), co-owners of the Adoreé beauty studio in Kosice, are resuming operations on Friday, December 10, based on the issuance of procedures in the OP’s system.

The first is the choice

“We warn customers upon request. In the memo, we immediately mention the group to which the customer belongs, provided that on the Friday before entering the study, we will check the authenticity and correctness of vaccination certificates or overcome COVID-19 disease. We will not provide the service without the necessary documents ” . Tatarkova explains. He admits that many customers had to be rejected immediately upon ordering, since they did not belong to any of the groups. They were willing to test themselves and get confirmation, but unfortunately the government’s decision does not allow this.

They are afraid of losing

They fear that, due to the “rating” of customers, operating costs will eventually not exceed their revenues. “We simply learned about it at the time. Not only because we were making a loss during the shutdown, but also because many employees left where they became more confident. We couldn’t keep it at any cost because there was nothing outside of it.” Disappointment is not hidden. They made an exception only in the case of a part-time worker.

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