October 23, 2021

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We unloaded a new Skoda Fabia truck for 27,651 euros!  What technical modifications will you provide?

We unloaded a new Skoda Fabia truck for 27,651 euros! What technical modifications will you provide?

Today is a big day for many motorists because it is new Skoda Fabia Coming to our market. He is a really popular model, as evidenced by his very successful fourth generation.

On our site, we regularly focus not only on the best models from luxury brands, but also make space for the most popular vehicles. Although they do not offer high-tech modifications, they focus on the basic functions of the car. However, you can configure the Fabia that is packed with technology amenities that you probably wouldn’t expect from it.

We flipped the price list a bit and found out what we can enjoy at Fabia. We chose a motorized model 1.0 TSI 81 kW with 7-speed automatic. TThis configuration will cost you 17,260 euros. You can find out how much you pay for additional equipment and services in the PDF file Fabia Accessories.

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As you can see, you only pay 2,055 euros for alloy wheels and 18 alone. Safety also costs something, the Safety and Assistants package will cost you 1033 euros all together. The USB-C in the stand is for luggage, you pay 329 euros for the parking assistant, 461 euros for the Škoda audio system and 880 euros for navigation with a 9.2-inch screen. Lane change assistant will cost you 653 euros.

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All variations with current prices can be found at component. You can save and view the resulting collection in a PDF file even when you are offline.

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We remind you that the price of the new Fabia starts at 11,760 euros. However, it is really just the basis, for a more comfortable and safe travel especially, it is reasonable to pay a little more. Although maybe not as much as we chose. By the way, Škoda Slovensko already has hundreds of orders, and the most interest was in the Style gear with a three-cylinder 1.0 TSI 81 kW supercharger.