November 30, 2021

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We still haven’t fixed the toilet. Astronauts will have to rely on diapers

Despite huge efforts, engineers from the SpaceX team failed to fix the flush toilet on board the Crew Dragon spaceship. So for the next task, this is a problem they will have to deal with NASA The ESA astronauts are settled.

Astronauts who are part of the Crew-3 mission will have to assist during the flight to the International Space Station. SpaceX can’t do them any better right now. They will have to do things just as astronauts did during the Apollo missions.

Steve Stitch from NASA last week He told reportersThat astronauts would have to rely on their “underwear” just as astronauts relied on underwear during the Apollo missions or what astronauts are forced to do during long-distance space ascents.

Information about persistent problems with the toilet only confirms how difficult it is to create a space toilet that works in all conditions. The world’s best engineers haven’t succeeded even after decades of space missions.


Urine leakage problem

Last month, while examining another Crew Dragon spacecraft—which ironically is called Resilience)—SpaceX engineers made a terrifying discovery. A toilet leaked human urine into the space below the floor of the capsule, while four unsuspecting tourists above the ground completed their three-day journey around the Earth.

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During the flight, the Inspiration 4 crew had toilet problems even outside of leaking urine. They struggled with a broken valve.

The same problem surfaced in the second Crew Dragon capsule called Endurance, which was to carry a crew of four to the International Space Station on Sunday. However, the start had to be postponed for a second time due to a seemingly unrelated “minor health issue”. A fresh start is scheduled for next Saturday at the earliest.

Fortunately, the defective toilet did not cause any permanent damage to either of the spaceships. However, astronauts who spend 24 hours in it without a public toilet certainly do not bring a smile to their lips.

According to the available information, SpaceX already has a solution, however, it will not have time to implement it until the next departure of the Crew-3 mission. Let’s hope the spaceship’s name will take inspiration from the astronauts and show similar tenacity.

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