November 28, 2021

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We quickly fell in love with sharing motorbikes

Kysucké’s towns and villages had a successful trial season for bike-sharing – citizens soon got used to bike-sharing.

In May 2021, the bike-sharing service began in the cities of Krásno nad Kysucou and Kysucké Nové Mesto, and during the summer the service expanded to the villages of Stará Bystrica and Zborov nad Bystricou.

Mayor Krásna Jozef Grapa assesses the first season positively: “This year, bike rentals were available until the first week of November. Due to the unfavorable cold weather, we finished the first season of using shared bikes in our city. They will be back in use in the spring. Soon The townspeople fell in love with bicycles. The mayors of the nearby villages of Zborov Nad Bystrico and Stara Bystrica have asked me to expand the bike sharing in their area and a possible increase in the number of bikes for the next year.”

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Kysucké Nové Mesto Mayor Marianne Mihalda says of the same success: “The average number of trips per day was 26, we reached a maximum of 71. Together we traveled more than 462 hours 3,680 kilometers (which we can visually visualize on the map as half half Diameter of the equator). Globe, or the distance from our city to Greenland or the Canary Islands :)”

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Bicycle sharing has greatly simplified commuting within cities and municipalities and has also contributed to greening the environment. The most visited stop for bike rental and return was the square in front of the House of Culture and the railway station in Krásna nad Kysucou. The city of Krásno provides for a total of 678 excursions, an average of 5 rides during the day, the maximum was 17 per day. The total mileage is 1,487.71 kilometres.

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The white and red bikes will be leaving their stations in Krásno for a while and during the winter they will be repaired, undergoing extensive service until they are ready for the start of the new season.

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“For some time, bikes have made room for snowmobiles and winter snowmobiles so that they can start at full power again in the spring after necessary maintenance with batteries taken since the first rays of the sun. We are already looking forward to that,” says Mayor Mihalda.

Author: redakcia
Photo: Krásno nad Kysucou, Kysucké Nové Mesto