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We know the winners of the Student Entrepreneurship Award 2021

We know the winners of the Student Entrepreneurship Award 2021

On December 2, 2021, the ceremonial announcement of the results of the national project “Student Business Award 2021” in Bratislava (it has already been the eleventh year). The aim of the 2021 Student Entrepreneurship Award project is to support competitiveness, creativity, creativity, education and prepare students for their future careers. We try to support students in working towards their business dream already during school and at the same time they are already starting to implement it during their studies, so after graduation they can already work as self-employed or. The company that will already have its own employees. The project was also organized in other countries under the name Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. It was organized by the NGO JCI – Slovakia (Juniors Chamber International – Slovakia). Junior Chamber International – Slovakia is the official branch of Junior Chamber International with its headquarters in the United States and the European branch in Berlin. Founded in 1915 in St. Louis. It is represented in 115 countries with over 200,000 members. The company is an international organization for young leaders and entrepreneurs. in p. In 2015, the Joint Commission International around the world celebrated its 100th anniversary. Activity at the national level.

Source: Student Business Award 2021

The finalists for the competition

1. Adam Bartoš, SIAT sro, Faculty of Materials Technology, STU in Bratislava, headquartered in Trnava

SIAT company

The company’s main focus is research and development of new sustainable technologies and solutions for industry, medical devices and for use in the private sector, which are linked to a wide range of specialized training. SIAT is currently developing an Ultrasound Leak Detector. This portable device for searching for unwanted gas leakage from systems is able to bring significant savings to manufacturing companies. Associated business areas are operating custom production using 3D printing technology, designing design solutions for single-purpose machines, installations and robotic workplaces, as a subcontractor to engineering companies. The short-term goal is to achieve the successful launch of the “Ultrasonic Leak Detector” product, as well as to increase awareness of the SIAT brand in the Slovak and foreign markets, and to ensure faster growth of the company in sales and distribution revenue.

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The long-term goal is to build the company’s name and stable position in the market, as a socially responsible company capable of generating profits. To achieve this, plan the plans in incremental steps leading to the erection/purchase of buildings or premises as company headquarters for business, workshop equipment, laboratories with at least 15 employees

2. Peter Ďurica, PET & SON Group, sro, STU Bratislava School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering

They do business in the field of IT and together with a colleague have developed a new generation of virtual business cards, which completely replace paper business cards. It’s called Attachtap, which allows you to share virtual business cards, business information and social media, thanks to the tag/card and the Attachtap app simply by linking the phone to the tag/card. The other person does not need to apply or attach a tag/card to get the information. The goal is to replace old paper business cards with innovative technology. The customer buys his tag or card, both of which have the same functionality. They can purchase it with their own design, or even provide a custom design with corporate identity based on the client’s request. After purchasing their device, they download the app, which is on Android, but also on the AppStore. The customer creates an account where he has the opportunity to create a business card. With personal data, contact details and business information. The entire business card can be changed in real time. Business card contains 18 designs. Simply attaching the tag or card to another phone will open its business card, where the recipient can store all their data. For example, save your contact information directly to your phonebook or contact her on Facebook. This innovative technology saves time, money as well as the environment. Lifetime business card.

3. Ivan Fratrič, IVEX GROUP sro, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Bratislava

They make literature available to a wide range of readers through an online library. Together with universities, publishers, institutions, and authors, they are creating a common space for e-books that has the potential to change consumers’ shopping behavior and habits. Their vision is to save customers money, offer a more sustainable business model to partners through subscriptions, reduce the burden on the environment and reduce the percentage of pirated e-books downloaded. The organization (sro) was founded in 2019 in half of Europe, when Alexander’s partner was at Erasmus+ in France, and even then they experimented with remote work, when there was no mention of Covid. They started with the IVEX print project, which focused on free printing of educational materials for university students. They put personal job offers, contacts for medium and large companies and discounts within each document, based on the data filled in during registration (gender, city, school, college, year). Since the demand from the students was large, they decided to charge for the service and in the process they printed more than 5,000 documents (texts, notes, etc.). IVEX’s online library can be understood by analogy as Spotify for e-books. It makes literature accessible to all students and provides comprehensive access to essential literature for a subscription price of one book.

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4. G. Ivana Nováková-company APONI AR sro, Faculty of Electrical and Informatics Engineering, Technical University of Kosice

The basic idea of ​​the company is to support industrial companies in implementing augmented reality as a comprehensive digital and practical tool, which brings innumerable benefits, from increasing employee efficiency to cost optimization by implementing smart tools for data analysis and presentation. APONI sro is now divided into two companies, APONI AR, which deals with the implementation of augmented reality in companies where the main product is the APONI VIEW software solution they are developing, and APONI HOLOGRAPHICS, which deals with custom holographic projections and the sale of holographics. display devices. Nowadays, they focus on the real initial testing of the product in an industrial setting and are looking for a suitable partner who will give them “feedback” before conquering the market. Their goal is a global market, but in the early stages they want to start in the domestic European market, as industry is the driving force of the European economy. With the emergence of Industry 4.0, the industry faces challenges where the solution can be the complex modular solution. Product modularity allows customers to build the product exactly according to their needs thus eliminating unnecessary and costly software solutions.

5. Hugo Repáň-company EcoButt, sro, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Charles University in Bratislava

Cigarette butts are a serious environmental problem. They pollute water and soil and not many people know they are made of plastic and can take up to 15 years to decompose. Through the EcoButt project, they produce collection containers for cigarette butts, collecting and recycling this impact on environmental roads. He started working on the concept of cigarette butts recycling while he was still studying at the grammar school in Siar nad Hronom. His classmates remember that they wore bread to the chemical seminars and the smell was all over the corridor. The idea developed gradually and in 2020, together with the investment, the company EcoButt sro was officially established. It deals with providing services in the field of innovative waste management – recycling of cigarette butts. It cooperates with actors in the public and private sectors interested in protecting the environment. Pilot projects where cigarette butts are collected and recycled have been launched with the city of Chiar nad Hieronum and several multinational companies such as Amazon and SKC Foundry sro. An established network of partners is working to build and spread awareness about the issue of cigarette butts in nature.

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Nye Award. Peter Orica won the award

Slovak BMW Sustainability Award. Ivan Fritrich won the award

JOJ TV price. Ivan Fritrich won the award

JCI Award – Slovakia (For Business Innovation). The award was won by two finalists: Ing. Ivana Novakova and Peter Chureka

Announcing the absolute winner The award was won by EcoButt, sro, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Charles University in Bratislava, Hugo Repáň.