January 24, 2022

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We know of a fire in Kapilia and the north of the country that killed at least 65 people

After Canada, Greece, Turkey and the United States, Algeria was hit by the biggest fire. According to the Algerian government, more than 70 islands exploded in the north of the country, especially in Capilia on Monday evening.

Home Minister Kamal Beltjout said it was a criminal appearance for them. But in the context of climate change, the heat wave affecting the country has at least created favorable conditions for their development. According to the latest figures released by Algerian National Television, the number of people has increased very rapidly, with at least 65 deaths yet to be mourned.

Brancinfo looks back at the critical situation in Algeria, which has already been hit hard by the Govt-19 epidemic.

Dozens of fires in the north

Many Algerian officials have provided different accounts of the number of claims in the tens of thousands. On Tuesday evening, the Civil Defense recorded hundreds of fires in 16 villas (Algerian administration, equivalent to the province). Prime Minister, Amin Benaptherrahmane, Triggered him, more than 70 fires in 18 districts.

It has affected the northeastern part of Algeria. The area is not limited to Capilia, but extends from the Tunisian border to Vilaya in Plata, south of Algiers.

Images published online by Algerian journalists testify to the extent of the fire and damage.

The Prime Minister said on television that the country “Advanced stage of discussion with European partners to lease firefighting aircraft”Without quoting the countries involved. On Wednesday, Marseille Meyer, Benoit Bayan, on Twitter, proposed sending marine firefighters out of the city.

At least 65 people were killed, including firefighters

The various reports reported so far indicate a total of at least 65 deaths. On Tuesday evening, the prime minister said 17 civilians had died in the Diji Usho and Satif areas.

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For his part, President Abdelmadjit Deboun announced his death on Tuesday evening “As martyrs” 25 soldiers during fire operations “In the Mountains of Pejana and DC Ozo”In this, 14 of their comrades were injured. There is their intervention “Permission to save 110 civilians from fire”, Congratulated the Ministry. National Security.

These balances threaten to escalate, with many areas affected by the fire. It is not known how many people were forced to evacuate their homes to escape the fire. On social networks, calls for solidarity with disasters and hospitals and offers for material and medical assistance are on the rise. Donation collections took place on Tuesday, especially in Algiers, where a journalist from France 24 showed up.

The government is inciting a criminal appearance

Interior Minister Kamel Beltjoud, during a trip to DC Uzo, considered the fire to be of human origin. “Fifty start fires at once, it’s impossible. This fire has a criminal origin.”, He declared.

“Preliminary surveys of the Tiju Osho region show that fire sites have been carefully selected” The Prime Minister said in a statement on Tuesday evening that it was difficult to access aid and inflict as much damage as possible.

On Tuesday, at least four people were arrested on suspicion of arson: one in Annaba, according to the Algerian news agency ABS, and three in Madia, according to Algerian public radio. The prime minister said one of the three suspects had confessed.

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The fire extinguisher was already on the table in Algeria. In early July, three people were arrested after setting fire to 1,500 hectares of forest in the Ares Massif. On July 25, Abdelmadjit announced that he had ordered the drafting of a bill that would punish offenders who set fires in the Debn forest to 30 years in prison or life imprisonment if the fire dies.

Explosive weather environment

If their direct cause had not been established, the fire would have erupted in the most favorable climatic conditions. Algeria suffers from wildfires every summer, especially during the hot, rainy season.

National Meteorological Office Wednesday forecast temperatures of 35 or 40 C in most parts of the country, with peaks of 47 C in many parts of the country, including Tizi Ouzou. Nineteen vilayas in the north of the country are placed with orange heat wave alert. Forest Superintendent Youssef Auld Mohammed told ABS that the fire was spread by strong winds complicating the work of firefighters.