January 29, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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We haven’t seen a Euro in two years

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has literally brought gastronomy to its knees. Nor have local Slovak businesses and operations escaped the relentless economic wound. The crisis, which affected politics in the past, also experienced the crisis itself. Famous faces lie behind the well-established Bratislava restaurant for years.

The co-owners of Korzo on the lucrative Hvizdoslav Square are the former Minister of Culture Daniel Krajisser and the current Mayor of Roshinov in Bratislava, Martin Krien.

Source: TASR / Jaroslav Novák, Jakub Kotian

Former coordinator and politician Daniel Krajser told Startitup how their company is fitting in with the pandemic. He openly revealed that if the owners themselves were not interested in keeping the restaurant alive, they would already be in the cemetery of Slovak gastronomy.

One foot in bankruptcy

The Chorzo Café & Restaurant is a popular landmark in downtown Bratislava. If a person crosses Hvizdoslav Square, then it is very likely that he will “catch your attention”.

Since 2016, a pair of famous political faces have been behind the famous company. Although the aforementioned year did not go well with the Skok party and they did not enter Parliament, at the same time they began an interesting gastronomic activity.

Like other operations, the pandemic of Krajcer and Chren’s work is highly complex. The ex-minister told us firsthand what it’s like with Kurtz right now.

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