October 21, 2021

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We explain how a “heat dome” makes Western Canada and the United States warmer

Never seen. More than 40 new temperature records were set for Saturday, June 26 and Sunday, June 27 in the western British province of Columbia. Lytton has become the city with the absolute warmest record in the country since weather records were set: 46.6. C. It is hotter than Dubai. A little further south, in the northwestern United States, records are deteriorating, prompting authorities to sound the alarm: they fear hospitals will be filled with victims of heat stress and a devastating wildfire.

At the beginning of this furnace? A “heat dome On the American Northwest. Pressinfo explains how these parts ended up in the pressure cooker.

The heat logs were distorted

This extreme weather event hit Oregon in the northwestern United States and the state of Washington and British Columbia in southwestern Canada. By touching the Pacific Northwest, the dome broke the heat record not only for Canada but for all regions located above 50 degrees north latitude. The Canadian city of Lytton is located at 46.6 C with a latitude of 50.2 degrees.

“Since there is no precedent in the local climate records for the events we experience, working without comparison is a bit unsatisfactory., Agrees with a local forecaster A statement released on Sunday (Link in English). Records are going to fall dramatically. “ To Jeff Fordelli, meteorologist and climate expert CBS Channel (Link in English), “This is the kind of event that only happens once a thousand years.”

Experts, accustomed to sounding the alarm, seem to have no words to describe the situation. “I think it’s very difficult for people to understand the intensity of this heat wave,” he said. Thus agreed the American Meteorologist Sock Lab, On Twitter, noting that there is no shade of purple, in the maps he uses, to calculate such temperatures. “I can’t believe it”, British meteorologist Scott Duncan tweeted “The most terrifying heat wave in history.”

The previous week a heat dome had already been built over the western US. By this time, Southwestern America was just living in a furnace, reaching the thermometer 46.6 C in Las Vegas (Nevada) On June 17, the city of Palm Springs, built at the gates of the desert Southern California equaled its record temperature of 50.5 C – ten days later the city was still 49.4 C.

Quoted on Friday National Geography (Article in English), Andrea Peir, Climate Project Manager, Meteorological Services, Western America, estimates that the North will be part of a warming dome “The same high pressure system we had here: it moves north, south, west or east, becoming stronger or weaker”. Announce it already “Models predict that more hot episodes will occur as July 4 approaches.”

Everyday life is too hot

“My children’s schools will be closed tomorrow because of the extreme heat. This has never happened in my life. The climate emergency is upon us.”, Vancouver (Canada) based Canadian researcher Seth Klein, an expert in the fight against global warming, tweeted. Not far away, in Pemberton, still in British Columbia, Authorities ordered the neighborhood pages evacuated (PDF link in English), The fast-melting ice river in the mountains suddenly overflows.

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In the region, stores are out of stock of air conditioners and fans, while cities have opened air-conditioning centers and canceled vaccination campaigns against Govt-19. Electricity consumption in British Columbia has reached record levels as locals try to cool off. Unlike California homes, some families have air conditioning. In the Portland, Oregon area, the power grid broke and thousands of people were left without electricity on Sunday. In Seattle, Washington The heat melted the bitumen, Forcing authorities to close several roads.

But with 45 C peaks in the shade, it is the human body that suffers the most, with seasonal temperatures in the region traditionally hovering above 24 C in June. On the edge (Article in English). Therefore, the final events of the U.S. Olympic Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon were suspended on Sunday due to extreme heat: it is difficult to hold such a competition at 41 C.

A popular event that can be seen all over the world

There is a well-known phenomenon in the origin of these extreme temperatures: the rise in the north “The hottest air coming from Mexico, which includes high pressure conditions, is called diabetes.”, Matteo explains to Franெois Nathan, the forerunner of France. “The fact is that the wind blowing vertically is compressing the air mass.” However, by colliding with the ground, the mass of hot air further increases its temperature. “It’s like the event we have at a bicycle pump, Frederick Nathan continues. When you press it hard, it heats the air: it compresses. “

“Dome of heat” is therefore an accepted expression “It’s too hot, and high pressure conditions will compress the warm air on the floor, promoting even more heat.”, Summarizes the forecast.

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Frederick Nathan points out that if a thermal dome had settled in western North America, the conditions that led to it could have occurred anywhere in the world. On Twitter, climate analyst Christophe Casso points it out “Omega Cycle” – Expression of recession and an anticyclone, taking the form of Greek writing here – “It also occurs in Western Europe. “Are France and Europe even more widely prepared to suffer such a blow from health (dangerous heat), agriculture and other major hazards (such as fire)? “ He asks?

An event multiplied by global warming

Creating a heat dome is a phenomenon that can happen anywhere, and it has always been, says Frederick Nathan of Meto France. This event also allowed the previous record set in Canada in 1937: 45 C was recorded at two meteorological stations in Saskatchewan in the mid-west of the country. On the other hand, “The hot air masses are hotter today than they were fifty years ago. So, when the situation in Canada is somewhat more intense than we are witnessing now, we are systematically breaking records.”, He continues, no doubt pointing out “Impact of Global Warming”.

“What’s new with global warming is that, globally, records for warming are falling almost every day, while we see records for cooling from time to time, even if it happens from time to time.”, The expert concludes.

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