October 23, 2021

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Android 12

We don’t have to bring Android 12 into smartphones this year: according to all the information, it’s not over yet!

from the origin Offers Android 12 Several months passed. We are all waiting for the new version of the system to be available for the smartphones of the general public. Here, however, we encounter several problems at once. the last stable trial version of the system In Xiaomi smartphones Causing some of them to reach the so-called state hard brico. AOSP deletion is usually associated with the first system upgrade, but AOSP has been here with us for several days and updates are on the horizon. In addition, it seems that the current version of the system does not do this does not support The biggest change is Material Design You. And although this year’s Android release will come with a delay, the gate Androidcentral.com tell us that The system may not even be complete.

Although Android 12 was officially released on October 4, it is still only available through BETA software.

Apparently, don’t wait for Android 12 on your smartphone

It has long been rumored that The first stable version of the system that will be released to the public will be shown alongside Pixel 6 smartphones. You already have your viewing schedule in October 19However, we still don’t know if Android 12 is completely complete. It looks like the system introduced for Google Pixel devices will be complete, no New system optimization icon with all add-ons for Android 12 will not reach other manufacturers soon.

Google Pixel smartphones will now have a completely different system than the one published by other companies. In the non-pixel version Missing materials you design. This newness is the reason we look forward to the new system. So we just have to wait and hope that Google finishes its work on Android 12 soon. because Until the system is completely complete, we can not expect the distribution of the system for other smartphones.

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Performance is already delayed

Looking a little into the past, Android version 10 a Android 11 It was completed in August. However, we already have October here and still Android 12 Snow Cone does not seem to be finished. However, this is perhaps the biggest change to the system since 2014, when Material Design was introduced and only seven years later Replace a lot of the more flexible material you.

The question also remains whether such a system will not be riddled with faults and problems. While Google tries to complete its system at the last minute, Hot needle stitching system may have more problems, as was the case with the infamous “Eleven”. So all we have to do is wait for the final version of Android 12, which will be Can’t come until next year. And by the way, the names after sweets come back. Android 12 can be officially called Snow Cone.

Do you think Android 12 will be a problem again? And when do you think it will come out of Pixel smartphones? Share with us in the comments!

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