December 7, 2021

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"We corrupted police officers, provincial representatives, prosecutors, and judges."  The life of a gangster who took over Slovakia

“We corrupted police officers, provincial representatives, prosecutors, and judges.” The life of a gangster who took over Slovakia

Ashamed of the actions he committed in the past. He apologized to the victims via the media. In 2020, Mikulash Şırnak pleaded guilty to 16 crimes, including 14 murders. In 2009, he was convicted of killing six people and ordering the killing of one person. his punishment for life.

smooth childhood

Mikulas was born on December 9, 1966 in the Presnian Hospital. He was the eldest son whom Sophia and Mikulash’s mother longed for. When he was 5 years old, his brother Vladimir was born, with whom he spent his childhood in the village of Telgárt.

There is an elementary school in this village where Mikulas spent his childhood. In his words, he was not a bad student nor was his behavior bad. Of course, there were smaller thieves, but they are part of every boy’s life.

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

After primary school, Mikulas decided to leave his hometown and his steps were directed to Banska Bystrica, where he studied at a secondary vocational school. His department was a mechanic/auto repairman.

During his student years, Sirnak lived in a boarding school, where he met many people. One of them was Milos Kashtan, who was trained as a butcher.

Acne and first problems

Train travel from Telgárt to Bystrica brought Mikuláš’s love. She describes her future as a beautiful and unique girl. Sympathetic, beautiful and always smiling Evita Matulova loved Mikulash and a spark broke out between them, which soon turned into love.

It was sealed in the church in 1986. At the time, both spouses were only 19 years old. The steps of the young couple led to Telgárt. There, the couple joined Mikulash’s parents and worked on the farm.

Source: Mikuláš Černák . Archive

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At the same age, the name Mikulash Chernak first appeared in the criminal record. He and Milos Kastan, who was 17 years old at the time, stole a tape recorder in Lučenec. The youths were immediately arrested by the police and the police had to return the tape recorder.

After arriving in Telgárt, Mikuláš realized that working in a team required a lot and at the same time earned little. For this reason, he started working as a bus driver in 1988.

He held this job for two years, after which he took the opportunity and traveled with his brother to Germany. He and Vlad worked as forestry workers.

Although the work was hard, the brothers tried because the salary was royal. A year later, sad news reached Germany – Father Mikulach died along with his brothers. For this reason, the brothers returned to Telgart.

Mikulas Cernak: The decision to shoot my story was affected by the number of copies sold

better future

After arriving home, Mikulas and his wife bought a house in Bresno, which they remodeled themselves so that they could spend the best time of their lives there. Ernak’s first work did not take long.

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