January 21, 2022

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We choose electronics for schoolchildren: 4 reasons to get everything from Huawei

Homework for school payers is spinning again.

In a time characterized by distance education, it is difficult to do without tech assistants. But have you ever thought about the benefits of owning multiple tech “games” from the same manufacturer?

By working together, Huawei believes that useful features and a shared ecosystem can not only facilitate students and school activities, but also improve their organization and productivity in their studies.

Notes and texts always at hand

No student can do without notes today, no matter if he is studying at the primary, secondary or university level. In particular, the coronavirus pandemic and associated distance learning have increased pressure on self-study, which goes hand-in-hand with a large amount of study material. Nowadays, it is very common for students to take pictures of important texts or terms written on the board or note board. However, it can easily be placed in the gallery among other images.

Huawei offers a solution that allows you to have all your notes at your fingertips, whether you need them on your phone, laptop or tablet. Just take notes with your Huawei smartphone (eg B Smart 2021) and transfer them to a laptop of the same brand in one click using the drag and drop function (ideal Matebook D15, which is powerful enough and affordable for a student’s budget). If you need to transfer notes between Huawei mobile phone and tablet, no problem – Huawei Share will solve it. For a larger amount of important data, the student will appreciate the Huawei Cloud service, where they can store everything with access from anywhere with Internet access. In this way, organization takes exam preparation to a new level.

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stress under control

We hear more and more about the harm of stress, and what is talked about less is the fact that if we want to reduce it to the minimum necessary, the key is knowing our stress. This also applies to students who can be helped with technologies from Huawei – specifically smart watches in cooperation with the application on the phone. In the smart watch series Watch 3 a Watch GT 2, Beside Watch Fit With the square design, you’ll find a useful feature that not only measures stress, but also displays advanced stress analysis during the day in the connected Huawei Health app on your smartphone and recommends things to do to reduce stress on your school age branch. In short – for the combination of the watch and the Huawei smartphone, you thank not only the results at school, but also the long-term health of the student.

Creativity and focus go hand in hand

Instructional video teaching is now popular, and for this activity tablets are made. View the form Matepad T10 a T10 s It occupies up to 80 percent of the entire front of the tablet body. This gives you more room to watch your favorite movies or read e-books while maintaining the same dimensions. But how do you make sure that the student has the opportunity to focus during self-education and not be disturbed? The ideal solution is to combine two Huawei assistants – the MatePad T10s tablet and headphones FreeBuds 4i.

While the tablet provides space for inspiration and a popular music playlist, the headphones perfectly filter out all distractions thanks to the special active noise canceling function – whether the student is on the train, in a crowded restaurant or wants to focus at home and not be disturbed by the conversations of other family members . There are no limits to creativity.

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Charge without worry

We all know the facial expressions of forever young men when electronic devices tell them they need to “replenish their juice.” The developers at Huawei are well aware of how inconvenient it can be when your flashlight discharges at the wrong time in the wrong place – which is why this manufacturer’s products have been known for years for excellent endurance on a single charge and fast charging.

Whether you’re using a laptop, smartphone, tablet, watch or headphones – they all feature ultra-fast charging and long life on a single charge. For example, the MateSt D15 “student” laptop lasts 6 hours on a single charge, the P smart 2021 and P 40 lite smartphones give more than a full day of active use, and the Watch 3 Pro will be charged only once every 3 weeks!

In addition, you can now purchase all products listed as part of a special offer at additional discounted prices from retailers. Please note that discounts are only valid until September 30th or while stocks last. full view It can be found on this page.