November 30, 2021

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We celebrate All Saints' Day and All Saints Day

We celebrate All Saints’ Day and All Saints Day

Last year, the tombs remained empty due to the crown and epidemiological measures. This year, the government did not decide to take such a step, so that everyone could go to the graves of their loved ones to honor their memory and remember a little about the moments they spent together during their lives. Even before Halloween and All Souls’ Day, we can celebrate Halloween even happier.


It is a holiday celebrated on the evening of October 31. It is especially interesting for children in costumes who visit neighbors and order sweets. It is celebrated mainly in the Western world, especially in the USA, Puerto Rico, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada in Australia and New Zealand. It was raised in Ireland as a pagan holiday. Recently, Halloween has also become domesticated in Slovakia as a social pastime.

It was an acronym from the English Halloween (literal translation: Halloween). It was originally a pagan (Celtic) holiday of Samhain – a pagan new year (the end of the pagan year). One can also meet the name on the eve of the Feast of All the Dead, which has a magical background.

The traditional features of Halloween are a specially carved pumpkin, with a candle inside, but also witches, ghosts, bats, black cats, brooms, fire, monsters, skeletons, etc. The colors are mostly red, yellow, orange and black.

Remembrance of All Saints and All Saints Day

On November 1, the memorial to Halloween falls. Remembrance of the Closed Dead, Remembrance of All Faithful Dead, Feast of the Dead, Remembrance of the Dead or Folk Dušičky (lat. In memory of all the faithful dead We celebrate on November 2. In the Roman Catholic Church, it is the day of the liturgical year in which we pray for the dead.

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The memory of the deceased has been celebrated since the tenth century. In countries with a Christian tradition, it is customary to visit the cemetery and the family grave during this day or period, light a candle and put flowers on it, which symbolizes the belief in eternal life and the manifestation of faith that life does not end. with the grave.

We will spend this year’s holiday of Halloween and the peace of all souls in peace and respect for our loved ones, but also for the living. We can be delighted with the magical beauty of the lights of the tombs from the cemeteries of Banska Bystrica or other places of the rest of our loved ones, or we light a candle in the house and remember it in our minds and hearts, from which it will never disappear …

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