November 28, 2021

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We can no longer do without 5G, there is a huge improvement

We can no longer do without 5G, there is a huge improvement

Huawei organized the International Conference of the Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) after the Covid stop. Provide news in the field of network communications.

The conference venue was traditional DubaiWhere Huawei has a very strong position. This is true not only in the field of networking, but also in the sale of terminal equipment. Huawei ads in Dubai are located in all malls, as well as company-branded stores. In general, Huawei in the Middle East is part of the infrastructure of most telecom operators. This applies not only to the United Arab Emirates, but also to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iran. It is a unit in China and the company is doing well in South Korea.

Source: Ondrej Macko /
By the end of 2021, up to a fifth of the world’s population will have 5G networks

Meet the top operators

In the twelfth MBBF, operators from all over the world were personally decisive, and we also scored representatives from Slovakia. The conference lasted for two days, both of which were filled with lectures, and there was also a presentation of exhibitions from the network world.

He also appeared on the main stage in Dubai Ken Ho, the current president of Huawei, who unveiled the future of 5G technology. It was perceived at a distance from China, but it seemed as if it was between us.

Ken Ho, President of Huawei by default on the conference platformSource: Ondrej Macko /
Ken Ho, President of Huawei by default on the conference platform

Where is 5G applied?

5G priorities will include three areas in the coming years – Augmented Reality Services (XR), Market Action to Action (B2B) Much attention has been focused on low-carbon business and Ecology generally.

5G network expanded more than expected

As we learned from Ken Ho’s presentation, commercial 5G networks have actually been advancing much faster than anyone expected. This is despite the concerns of several people. Much progress has been made in developing the subscription base, people have bought 5G phones and, if possible, take full advantage of this network.

Orange operator's representative wordSource: Ondrej Macko /
Orange operator’s representative word

Finally, we see that in Slovakia too, in fact, the 5G network is being operated and used so far without recorded effects on the health of the population. Thus, 5G has reached the network coverage of many operators, which is an important parameter in determining which operator people choose.

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The Swiss operator Sunrise can no longer exist without a 5G networkSource: Ondrej Macko /
The Swiss operator Sunrise can no longer exist without a 5G network

The current development of the 5G network in the world

There are currently 176 commercial 5G networks worldwide serving more than 500 million customers. Average commercial download speed 5G is about 10 times higher than the case of 4G network. Thus, 5G is a catalyst for the development of data-intensive applications such as virtual reality or 360-degree imaging. A reliable 5G network is also very important for Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. It allows you to run a digital twin in a large company in real time and share the production experience in several factories across large companies. There are already more than 10,000 projects using B2B applications over the 5G (abbreviated as 5GtoB) network.

5G website development according to Ken HoSource: Ondrej Macko /
5G website development according to Ken Ho

As we learned in Ken Ho’s lecture, More than half of 5GtoB applications run directly in China And Huawei is the main supplier of network engineering here. At the same time, Europe lags far behind, including in Western Europe. This mode does not help much in the development of 5G networks. It is necessary to get as much data as possible to analyze the 5G network, especially from different environments.

Augmented Reality Services

Augmented Reality (XR) services have been talked about with great enthusiasm in Dubai. It is a revolution related to entertainment and communication but also in the field of medicine or production. According to a lecture by the president of Huawei Wireless Networks My Chaobina These applications are likely to experience exponential growth. For cloud technology to meet this expectation, networks must provide Download speeds greater than 4.6 Gbit/s, s Latency less than 10ms. This means improving 5G networks and the recipe is called Huawei MetaAAU.

More comfortable headphones

When it comes to customer devices, Huawei also considers the development of headsets for augmented and virtual reality as key. These should be smaller, lighter and more affordable than they are now, as first signs were seen in the accompanying gallery. The content creation system for these devices has to undergo a revolution – programming tools are currently very complex and expensive. Thanks to 5G networks, augmented and virtual reality should not be a distant thing, but rather an everyday practice.

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5G network application in virtual reality in China and South KoreaSource: Ondrej Macko /
5G network application in virtual reality in China and South Korea

5G Speed ​​for B2B

Dealing with the capabilities of the 5G network and the possibilities of expanding this network are in the hands of the operators. Customers will demand another increase, especially in transmission speed, as well as more accurate positioning, etc. As shown in Yang Chaobin’s lectures, Huawei is developing independent networks that facilitate planning, construction, maintenance and optimization. In addition to improving connectivity, operators can also act as cloud service providers and system integrators. It is an opportunity for them to diversify the risk of declining profits.

5 gigaverse

The commercial deployment of 5G will enter a new stage in 2021, when the concept of speed is in Gb / sk, the so-called community 5 gigaverse Which means building a global gigabit network.

According to viewing statistics during the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the number of views on mobile devices increased by up to 5 times compared to 2012. At the same time, the number of TV views decreased by 50%.

It is expected to occur by 2030 Mobile networks carry more traffic than cable networks And it became the main carrier of Internet traffic. In the future, 5G capabilities will continue to evolve to include fragmented connections across industries, creating the Internet of Things space with hundreds of billions of connections.

Yang Chubin during his last lecture Source: Ondrej Macko /
Yang Chubin during his last lecture

Currently the ideal solution

Massive MIMO connectivity and ultra-wideband increase overall coverage and capacity. Two years of commercial 5G rollout has proven that massive MIMO and ultra-wideband technologies can improve user experience 10-fold and have become an option for most operators around the world. Huawei also released a new 64TRX MetaAAU with improved performance and energy savings.

MetaAAU offers increased coverage, lower consumption and more "expertise" users. Source: Ondrej Macko /
MetaAAU brings increased coverage, lower consumption and more ‘user experiences’

The new MetaAAU module offers extremely large antenna array (ELAA) technology and high energy efficiency. Compared to conventional AAUs with 192 antenna elements, ELAA has 384 antenna elements. Currently, this product is already used commercially by three first-tier operators in China in four cities. MetaAAU offers 3 dB better coverage and 30% better user experience compared to 64 TB coverage and 6 dB more and 60% better user experience compared to 32 TB. This allows base stations to achieve the same level of cell edge coverage with lower transmitting power, reducing power consumption by approximately 30% compared to conventional AAUs.

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The essence of innovation is to increase coverage and increase user comfortSource: Ondrej Macko /
The essence of innovation is to increase coverage and increase user comfort

In markets where new TDD bands have not yet been licensed, legacy FDD spectrum can be used to upgrade installed bases with massive MIMO and ultra-wideband technologies, reduce deployment costs and improve 4G and 5G experience and capacity.

New units to expand coverage

Huawei presented at the conference 4T4R RRU Ultra Wideband ModuleWhich supports three bands (700MHz, 800MHz and 900MHz; 1.8GHz, 2.1GHz and 2.6GHz/1.4GHz) in one box. This simplifies the deployment of a multi-domain network. Enables dynamic power sharing across the range. Huawei introduced an older frequency spectrum upgrade module 8T8R RRUWhich supports 1.8GHz and 2.1GHz bands in one box.

Other options for increasing the range of m units for 5GSource: Ondrej Macko /
Other options for increasing the range of m units for 5G

Huawei will release a device this year for high capacity scenarios with limited antenna space FDD code, which includes Massive MIMO technology and a full sub-3GHz band antenna. BladeAAU and MetaAAU FDDs can be used together to simplify the deployment of all frequency bands. In this way, operators can easily achieve wide gigabit coverage.

The future development of mobile networksSource: Ondrej Macko /
The future development of mobile networks

A greener world

According to the World Economic Forum, digital technologies can reduce global carbon emissions by at least 15% by 2030. As the Kenny Ho lecture showed, there is an opportunity to help almost all sectors reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.

However, it is the production of 5G communication modules and the operation of the site that records Increasing carbon footprint. This also applies to data centers, which are growing like mushrooms after the rain following the expansion of cloud technology. Huawei plans to use completely different materials and algorithms in the very near future to reduce the power consumption of new products.

The next MBBF will be held again in Dubai and we will see what actually happened to the promises for this year.

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