November 28, 2021

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We are slowly moving towards compulsory vaccination in Covid 19 – Map of the book – Blog

Yesterday another book baptism took place in a bookstore on Poštová Street. This time we had more co-authors and less audience interest. However, the Pandemic Hoax book itself received one bookshelf.

You should be able to have the entire bookshelf.

The authors of this work are a group of experts across the fight against Covid from clinicians through a pathologist, information analyst, or political scientist.

I was more interested in the political scientist Grigory Mezhnikov. At first, he sat in the audience and from there asked the question whether compulsory vaccination against Covid 19 should be introduced. In the end, they agreed that they would agree to compulsory vaccination, but for politicians, what he might suggest could be political suicide.

Having taken to the podium, Misenkov himself finished the matter with the conviction that we would need a politician who would put mandatory vaccination on his agenda and would seriously enforce it.

The last Mesežnikov on the right.

Another interesting issue that was addressed by the discussion participants is the reasons for the spread of hoaxes.

There are 3 main reasons:

  1. These publishers also believe in their delusion
  2. They don’t believe it, but they let themselves buy to spread lies
  3. They are using the situation around the pandemic for a political struggle

Although the young and brilliant presenter tried to facilitate the whole discussion and bring it closer to the ordinary viewer, she did not have much space in this difficult topic.

The hoax pandemic has been described as a kind of bible that people should have in every home so they can orient themselves.

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We are really lost in the web of lies and half-truths.

Mysennikov claims that we are the least trusted country, both in politics and among us.

An information analyst faces serious threats on the Internet. It acknowledges the toxicity of social networking and encourages us to be more connected to the internet, to read books, or to spend time with our neighbours.

By the way, I’ve been pointing out the toxicity of social networks lately, and sometimes they’re really just eaters of time and energy. No one will bring those dead back to life for hours.

However, the book’s godfather, Dr. Peter Sabaka, admitted that he still uses the online space from time to time. At least to mitigate the flow of deceptive claims that are further saturating our online space.

And indeed, all those negative words, like the vaccine is death, the cells of unborn children are inserted into the vaccine, or as all intruders pay, oroš is full of the Internet.

The great irony of our time is that although each sales network slowly has its own marketing department and spokesperson, we don’t have a single spokesperson to combat the pandemic.

Volunteers do this in their spare time. – It was difficult to understand the statement.. – Of course, these volunteers also thought of Dr. Sobek.

The act of baptism itself.

After discussion, they proceeded to the act of baptism itself. deliberate d. The book is symbolically affixed with a vaccine.

In the end, he was followed by nothing but the best wishes of writers, readers, and our entire community.

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