January 29, 2022

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WC 2022 Qualification: Slovenia – Slovakia, Individual Assessments

Today 09:00

Slovak footballers tied 1:1 in Slovenia. The match brought many positives, but also showed persistent shortcomings. In the following lines, we will focus on the individual performance of the players.

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Marek Rodak – 5

Despite the club’s occupancy rate, it was the expected selection of the goalkeepers available. Aside from some inaccuracies, the lack of calm was particularly evident in the 40th minute, when the Fulham duo fell to Šatko’s center from the side. On the second attempt, the host winger got the ball in front of goal and eško could score in the open area. He administered other interventions from the category of debtors, and could not achieve the objective collected.

Peter Pickarek – 4

With some reservations, he achieved what he had to do in defense. However, he did not add an offensive superstructure. After switching to the attack, Schranz ran further into the middle, with Pekarek remaining on the free highway. He took the ball in a deep position, as the opponent closed it. It is questionable to what extent he was bound by the coach’s tactics. In modern football, extreme defenders ride like motorbikes and are full members of the attack. Veteran Hearty has proven it in the past.

Lubomir Satca – 3

He was surprised by his preference over Valgent, who once again presents regularly in La Liga. Before scoring the goal, he kicked the ball slack, then he and Pekarek did not react to the performance of the rest of the defense line. Two minutes ago, he couldn’t manage the situation on the right side and the Slovenes could have settled in early. Al-Muqtafi Poznan did not follow up on several positive performances in the national team when he excelled in reading the match. Often, he was forced, but also accidentally, accidentally even in dangerous areas. This time they did not find harmony with Shkriniar.

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Milan Skriniar – 7

He emphasized the role of a mature commander, raising the defense pledge. Except when he hit the ball at Lopotek before the penalty area, he played calmly. It has become extinct several times as a last resort. He asserted his self-confidence in the play, despite being pressured by the inadequacy of the show. He might feel sorry that, in the middle of the second act, he hadn’t scored his head alone in front of the cloud. The chemistry with Holúbek did not work as well as before with Hubočan.

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Jacob Holbeck – 3

At the age of 30, he faced and felt the biggest challenge in the national team. He came across an inexperienced level of the club, and he did not like the fights with Iličič. He seemed frightened at times, made unnecessary mistakes and losses. Like Becharik, he supported the attack sparingly, and even then it might be at the expense of the tactical plan. Instead of completing the attack, he inaccurately centered from a distance. He got out of his position before the collected target and Weiss didn’t help him. The Hancko or De Marco troops were a more suitable alternative to the slower, more bodied Ilicic.

Guraj Coca – 6

He wasn’t positively spontaneous and controlling in battles as usual. With 20 minutes played, the home team took a 1 – 0 lead, with Boženík firing in a cross from the right. In the second half, he nearly rolled the gate with his head in the crossbar. He actively completed the offensive, but often, instead of constructive solutions, fired from unprepared positions. At the end of the first half, Hamsik did not fill the void in front of the defenders and Lobotka, which, with the team’s deeper position, caused Slovenia to pressure.

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Stanislav Lobotka – 8

The revival of the club in the national team has also been confirmed, and the main player in the transition is back. After a long time, we saw Lobotka, who changed his concept of Slovakia game a few years ago. He enjoyed himself in situations where many kicked the ball. Export or play under pressure? Not a problem. He destroyed the opponent’s pass before the final or final. In the final quarter of the match, he appeared to have completed an intense fitness camp in recent months. He was reminiscent of the French Kanté, with his best performance in the national team in the past two years.

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Marek Hamsik – 7

You can easily notice Hetrik’s help. Kochka nodded for a corner kick into the crossbar, Skriniar after a free kick over it, Schranz from the match to the crossbar. Although he didn’t make more dangerous passes at first, he gradually took on the role of bandleader. Before the goal, he hurried the match by hitting Weiss. He waved his hands several times and was unhappy with his colleagues’ startups. Hamšík has changed his style in recent years. He is no longer pushed high to the end, at the age of 34 he is no longer physically. However, this is still crucial in the Slovakia match.

Evan Schranz – 4

He did not confirm the target form of Slavia Prague. He wasn’t in his skin from the start, most of the time he was passing by for sure. Before leaving the stadium, he was a little annoyed a quarter of an hour before the end. Wrong, he had a card and half a yellow card with the referee. Although it was a perfect day, he could double the lead in the 37th minute when, after a superb pass from Hamisik, the ball slid down his foot and he hit the halfway through the post. He has not scored in the national team seven times in a row since his debut.

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Robert Boznik – 5

I just spoiled the target. His balls bounced, passes did not come, he did not realize the thoughts of his teammates. He seemed lost on the edge, showing a lack of experience from the club. If he had finished halfway this way, he might not have started the second. After 32 minutes, after a stunning display, Wessa almost gave the home team the lead, but the shot was far from the goal frame. He showed no more than a fighting spirit. It has potential that needs to be developed in the long run, but it cannot be represented without playing games. The search for a stable shooter continues for the time being.

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Vladimir Weiss – 5

He scored one goal, caused one goal. After the exchange with Hamšík, he jammed the defender and beautifully grabbed Boženík’s initial kick. Soon he didn’t catch up with his defender’s attack and after Holúbek’s performance he stretched the Slovenian red carpet to flatten it. Defense has never been his strength. After a long time, he had more responsibility in the national team and only took part in this role occasionally. He’s tried his big breakthroughs and imaginative combinations, but the player with his footballing potential has to show more.

Robert Mack – 5

He came to the last quarter of the game and was wanted. The ball was lost, and the starting activity did not meet the expectations of the new player. His moment came three minutes before the end, when he hit the arc and finished 16th. However, the cloud did not confirm, and the insufficiently placed shot covered the shot. He quickly fell into the penalty area, but failed to ask for a penalty kick.

Martin Koselnik – 5

A quarter of an hour before the end, when the Slovaks managed to push the tired opponent, the right defender replaced the striker Schranz on the wing. A special move could have led to the winning goal when Kocelnik passed the ground to the bass and the arc inexplicably fired the ball.

David Strellick – 5

The share of the new acquisition of Spezia was determined to be a quarter of an hour in two moments. First, Mack hit the ball in the goal position, and soon released it to the same player after the ground center Kocelnik. The Conqueror Mac must have screamed, but the perfectly free arc should have shown the end-maker’s instinct. He’s missed him in recent months at Slovan, the last time he scored in mid-May. Internationally, details are crucial, and Slovakia currently lacks a striker to do it right.

Ondrej Duda – No ratings

It started in the 90th minute.

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