January 22, 2022

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WC 20 Ice Hockey: Video: Sweden – Slovakia 3: 0

Today 06:00

Slovak hockey players under the age of 20 also lost their second match at the Junior World Championships. On Tuesday night, they lost to Red Derry favorites 0:3. Coach Evan Veniss’ men will meet Russia in Group B next Wednesday at 22.30 CET.

You can watch the duel online at ŠPORT.sk >>

As in the opening match with the defending champions USA (2:3), the Slovaks gave a soulful performance, shooting the opponent with a clear 48:27. In the last period, they developed crushing pressure at times, but Jesper Walstedt against Sweden could not exceed the number of chances even once.

The victory of the Nordic countries was decided by the goals of Theodor Niederbach, Albert Seeberg and Daniel Jungmann, who finally settled the result with an empty goal. Slovak “twenty” is still waiting for the first points of the championship.

B-skubina (red deer):

Sweden – Slovakia 3:0 (1:0, 1:0, 1:0)

Objectives: 7. Niederbach (Eklund, Grans), 27. Sjöberg (Nystrom), 59. Ljungman (Stenman).

Referees: Kofa (Finland), Gudakov (Russia) – Jackson (Canada), Pearson (Sweden), disqualifications: 5:4 for 2 minutes, plus Loew (Sweden) 5 minutes + DKZ for head and neck impact, power-ups: 1 : 0, vulnerabilities: 0: 0.


Sweden: Wallstedt – Edvinsson, Grans, Lööf, Nyström, Andrae, Olsson, Sjöholm – Olausson, Eklund, Holtz – Stakkestad, Ljungman, Sjöberg – Torgersson, Niederbach, Rosén – Magnusson, Ekmark, Nybeck – S

SR: Latkóczy – Petrovický, Nemec, Kňažko, Stacha, Bakala, Kmec, trbák – Slafkovský, Demek, Mešár – Chromiak, Myklucha, Kašlík – Jedlička, Dvorský, Faith – Sýkora, Petrovský, Lašetka

Red hockey played a lot of chances at Red Deere from the start, and the two identical rivals Slovaks were in the favourite. Already in the fourth minute, Demic had an excellent shooting position, but he shot hard towards the goal. In the sixth minute, Mishar came close to opening the scoring, and found himself alone in front of Slavkovsky’s rear in front of the goal, but he only shot Walstedt. The Swedes showed how chances would change in the seventh minute, when he found Ecklund Niederbach in the speed ring, who shot exactly in the far corner – 1:0. The advancing northerners at Korčuliar knew how to break through the attack zone in a jiffy, and when they gained speed, it was difficult to stop them from the pirate. In the 10th minute, Latkóczy fired a superb shot into the Stakkestad match after the Swedes got the re-numbering 2 to 1. However, the Slovaks were not respectful of the resounding opponent and shot it 13:4 in the first half. In the 11th minute, Chromiak only shot at Wallstedt, and five minutes later Slafkovský found himself in a perfect position, the opponent putting a hockey stick into his shot at the last minute.

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Balance hockey was also played in the second part, but the Swedes were more effective in shooting. In the 26th minute, Latkóczy still detected Ekmark’s shot, but a minute later it was no longer enough to finish Sjöberg, who pushed individually through Bakala and directed to goal exactly – 2:0. The Slovaks tried to get a quick answer. Petrovsky asked for a foul and won with a solid performance for his team, but Misar and Dvorsky’s shots did not bring joy into the goal. In the match 4 on 4, Chromiak warmed up Wollstedt twice, who excelled even after excellent individual work and the end of the German. In the 36th minute, the Slovaks failed to defend and Latcucci only hit Holtz’s shot. Kňažko did not succeed on the other side in the end.

The Slovaks intensified their offensive efforts in the third period. Renumbering 2 to 1, Slafkovský didn’t hit the goal, and Wallstedt Mykluch soon fired after a shot and also ruled out Chromiak’s injury. The Slovakian court was documented in the final in the 46th minute, when Slavkovsky hit the ball at another opportunity. And in the 48th minute, the Swedish defender Loew attacked the German badly and hit him on the head with his hands and got a penalty kick 5 minutes + DKZ. However, the Slovaks did not use a long power game, Wallstedt coped with Jedlička’s attempt and Demek’s voice rang out during Demek’s shot. Coach Vince called the goalkeeper 9 minutes before the end and the Slovaks played a strong match 6-4, but even in this case they did not beat the Swedish goalkeeper. After disqualifying Stenman, playing 6 to 3, he moved in front of Wallstedt in several advantages, but he destroyed all Chromiak’s cannons, and in one of them, he helped build the goal again. Slovak pressure escalated, playing practically one goal. Machar’s arrival and Jedlička’s backhand did not work either. And in the end the Slovaks called Latkoshi from the goal, but they did not manage to frame the match, on the contrary, Ljungman settled the score to an empty goal in the final 3-0 in favor of Sweden.

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