January 22, 2022

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Watch live: Major cities around the world welcome the New Year

Watch live: Major cities around the world welcome the New Year

Fireworks in the Burj Khalifa.
Photo: TASR/AP

The people of the Pacific island nations, Samoa, Tonga and Kiribati, have always been the first to welcome the coming of the new year in the world.

Unlike last year, when public fireworks were canceled as a result of the pandemic, Samoa was allowed to light up the sky with fireworks. According to the local tourism office, the Pacific island nation has appointed five New Zealand fireworks experts to prepare the official fireworks.

Until recently, Samoa was one of the countries that welcomed the last New Year, but in 2011 it “overshot” the date limit when it moved back to a more western time zone in order to promote tourism.

Watch live fireworks from around the world every hour:

22.45 – Egypt and Greece
23:25 – 1:15 Great Britain

Among the major cities, 2022 welcomed Auckland as the first

The New Year was also welcomed in Auckland, New Zealand, where they prepared a light show and fireworks, while the centerpiece of the program was the 328-meter Sky Tower.

They set off 6 tons of fireworks in Sydney

The Australian city of Sydney, which locals use to call the ‘New Year’s Eve capital of the world’, celebrated the New Year 2022 with traditional fireworks in Sydney Harbour. However, it was not seen at once by more than a million people as usual, but only by a few tens of thousands of visitors.

At midnight, celebration organizers in the bay set off six tons of fireworks. Fireworks lit up the Opera House, Harbor Bridge, and the entire bay. They broadcast it live on TV and online.

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Those who wanted to watch the fireworks themselves had to buy a ticket to one of the thirty lookout points. The organizers did not recommend going to the city center at all for people who do not have a reservation and are not vaccinated against the Corona virus. A year ago, downtown was too far from reach for a fireworks spectator.

Celebrations in North Korea

New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong

Great show in Dubai

The festivities were amazing in Dubai. Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, 828 meters high, has re-equipped a huge fireworks display along with a light and laser show.

According to the organizers, two world records can be broken immediately. The New Year was greeted three hours before us.

fireworks in Moscow

There were almost no restrictions in the Russian capital, Moscow, despite the low vaccination rate among the population, unlike the United Arab Emirates. Among other events, a large fireworks display is planned on Red Square in Moscow.

Limited celebrations in major cities

For the second year in a row, New Year’s Eve celebrations will witness restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

There will be no big fireworks display at the Brandenburg Gate or a celebration with hundreds of thousands of people, as before. However, public broadcaster ZDF plans to present a program with singers such as Bonnie Tyler and Marian Rosenberg.

Due to concerns about the spread of the omikron coronavirus variant, Germany recently reintroduced restrictions on social contacts, and in the last days of this year the sale of fireworks was again banned.

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The aim is to reduce the burden on hospitals that will have to treat other patients during the pandemic. In some cities, fireworks are completely banned in certain parts. Police said they would increase scrutiny of the regulations.

In New York, the traditional New Year’s Eve party in Times Square will again take place with the public, but there will be far fewer of them and everyone should be vaccinated against COVID-19.