January 16, 2022

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Washington confirms sanctions against Belarus

The U.S. government on Friday, May 28, announced punitive measures against Belarus, targeting the regime of President Alexander Lukashenko, following the May 23 abduction. A flight from Athens to Vilnius by Belarusian Air Force plane For the arrest of an opposition journalist and his Russian comrade.

Washington has confirmed that sanctions against nine Belarusian state-owned companies, which were re-imposed in April following the crackdown on pro-democracy protests, will take effect on June 3.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki called “Credible International Investigation” The European Union (EU) has condemned the diversion. These events “Direct insult to international standards”, Rated mMe சாக்கி.

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The United States is preparing with the European Union “List of targeted sanctions against key members of the Lukashenko regime in connection with the current human rights abuses and corruption, the falsification of the 2020 elections and the events of May 23.”, The spokesman continued.

Washington advises against coming to the country

The U.S. Treasury Department is also involved in developing sanctions against it “Elements of the Lukashenko regime and its support network” The United States further recommended that its citizens refrain from traveling to Belarus, and “Take serious precautionary measures” If they consider taking a plane across the country.

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EU examines sanctions that could target potash exports and Russian gas traffic, The two main sources of income for Belarus, the head of European diplomacy Joseph Borel said on Thursday. Brussels has asked airlines to cross the country.

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Minsk says the plane was diverted due to a bomb threat and that the arrest of Roman Protashevich and his comrade Sofia Sabeka was an occasion. Moscow says it firmly supports Belarus’ interpretations of Minsko. On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed a clear demonstration of support for the regime. Lukashenko was received on the shores of the Black Sea in the coastal city of Sochi.

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