October 23, 2021

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Want to know how much you earn compared to others?  A special European calculator will answer you

Want to know how much you earn compared to others? A special European calculator will answer you

want to be calculated. Whether you earn the same. Like your friend in another country? Europe has developed a calculator with which you can find out.

Thanks This calculator You can compare whether you are a low-income or a high-income person. On the website of the European Union Statistical Office you can find an interactive visualization showing you the level of your net monthly salary.

All you have to do in this calculator is to enter the country in which you live and work, your net monthly income and the number of people in the household. At the end, the calculator calculates the percentage of households that earn more or less than you. It can also show you that your monthly income is among the top 10% in Slovakia.

What about the average wage in Slovakia?

According to the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, the average wage at the annual level for 2020 exceeded 1,100 euros.

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, average employee wages maintained growth in 2020, halving its pace only to 3.8% and reaching 1,133 euros. In the most recent quarter, average annual earnings growth was 5.8%. At the end of the year, for the first time, average wages exceeded the €1,000 limit in all eight regions of the Slovak Republic,” State the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic.

It also states that the average wage has increased in almost all sectors. During the first and second waves of the pandemic, we saw that the sectors most affected were restaurants, arts and entertainment. In gastronomic services, the average income decreased by up to 14.4%, and in art a decrease of 1.5% was recorded.

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“Thus, wages rose by an average of 41 euros. Although the growth rate has slowed by half compared to 2019, wages still exceed the level of 1,100 euros on average.” Reports the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic.

Will the salary increase this year as well?

In the table of average monthly wage In the first five months of 2021 in selected industries, the “Information and Communications” industry became the most profitable. In March 2021, average wages in this sector jumped to 2,387 euros. It is immediately followed by the highest wages in the supply of gas, steam and cold air.

On the contrary, the least profitable sector in the first quarter of 2021 was again the activities of restaurants and hostels, where the lowest wages fell in January to 521 euros. Other industries with lower incomes are housing or construction.

Black wages are a big problem in gastronomy. A third of those laid off from gastronomy have not yet found a new job and don’t even want to go back

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