December 7, 2021

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Vladimir Weiss Street: You wouldn’t perform like this! David Harnar backed out and dyed his hair

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He enjoys the gentle caress of spring. He was the king of the league scorers, penetrating Zlaté Moravec into a broader nomination for Slovakia and earning a comeback to Slovan Bratislava. Since last week, 23-year-old David Hrnčár has been gaining attention he wasn’t interested in.

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A strange case in Slovan. The Potter has dyed his hair, he wouldn’t perform like that under Weiss

The hardworking winger Slovan, who was also on the edge of the defense, dyed his hair white before the match against Liptovsky Mikulas (October 24). Coach Vladimir Weiss Street. According to confirmed information Š He told the player that as long as his hair was dyed, he would not ride under his supervision.

After warming up before a duel with Liptovsky Mikulas, Weiss sent him to the stands. Instead of the cup match against Slavia, TU Košice trained with a reserve, which he also played in Podbrezová on Friday.

Š David Hrnčár’s opinion was asked, and the club also crossed Vladimir Weiss Street. Send a player refused to comment on the situation, sent Slovan Opinion.

son in conversation Norbert Hernar, former league player and coach, defended, “We asked David and his wife up front about our hair, and we had no problem with it. It’s common for young people to try to adapt to different trends. We told him that if anything, his hair would grow back.” within a month.”

Wissa declined to comment. When asked if his son should ask about the coach’s face next time and not about his parents, he laughed and replied, “I think so.”

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“David doesn’t have a single tattoo, he still plays the rickety 12-year-old golf. He has no fads. If we knew that hair coloring would have such an effect, David would react differently.

It was a tough slap for him, and it wasn’t an easy time. This also brings life. We encourage him, he has to get over it and keep going. He has his whole career ahead of him and it’s up to him to assert himself,” Follow Norbert Hernar.

David Hernar and Father Norbert.

Source: Joseph Page

In the end, he revealed the possible solution to the strange case: “Football is more important to David than his hair. He found spray paint and sprayed his hair dark, So white isn’t that special anymore.”

The final decision will be presented in the following days and especially whether David Hrnčár returns to the Slavic nominations in duels against Lincoln Red Imps (Thursday) or Ružomberok (Sunday) before the national team break.