November 28, 2021

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Vladimir Weiss Street. Ezekiel Henty of ŠK Slovan Bratislava says he’s like a military general

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Before the arrival of Vladimir Weiss Street. To Slovan Bratislava. Fans criticized the coach for building a long-term striker.

Weiss ignored the comments and Ezekiel Hente began to push his confidence. He’s been Slovan’s best player in recent weeks. After the goal, the club crest is proudly kissed on the shirt and the fans who shouted at him half a year ago are now applauding.

“Sometimes I have to raise my voice for him, other times say a kind word. It has even greater potential and it would be better if it did what we agreed. It has tremendous strength and dynamism, its quality is obvious. He is an international player. Quality, power, speed, or the art of football above some others.” praised and praised Weiss, a 28-year-old Nigerian striker.

Henty pod Ján Kozák Jr.
10 matches, 1 goal

Hunt under Darko Milanic
16 games, 3 goals

Henty Bod Vladimirum Wissum Street.
27 games, 16 goals

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On Sunday he was again the pivotal figure for Slovan, contributing two goals to the 3:2 win at Trenchen. The association with Weiss is also working in the opposite direction. “A coach is like a military general. We love him for that,” Henti said with a smile to Dajto.

“We just knew it. When he’s tense, he blows us away. I play for him with all my heart. Like the other players, because first of all he’s a good guy and a good guy.”

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I play every game for him. I have a romantic relationship with the Slavs. I’ve never felt anything like this before at any club I’ve worked at. At Slovan, I play every game for the logo on the shirt. This is the first time I can say that.

With these feelings, I know I have to pass it all on each time. I should be the one to see it. In every game I have to score and score a goal. I know the coach is watching me, and I have to give him my everything. He put his trust in me and I want to repay it. The same goes for the president and his colleagues. “Yes, I always play with Slovan with real passion,” said the former player of AC Milan, Spezia, Lokomotiv Moscow, Olympi Ljubljana or Puskas Academy.

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Opinion Š

Weiss is an old school coach. Unlike most colleagues, trustees are openly criticized. He is extreme, putting pressure on players even after winning matches. Discipline comes first with the sugar-and-whisk method. Sometimes there are too many whips (eg the case of David Harnar).

Autocratic attitudes and constant pressure do not have to move everyone forward. In particular, he can pull off more than a milder boss in this way, especially from strong and flexible players (eg the development of Henty in Slovan).

Vice’s relationship with the players is strong based on the testimonies of previous trustees and is built on passion, respect and trust. Few broke them, some quickly finished under him, but many jumped under the train for him. “You’ve won us with humanity. It’s not taken as seriously as it seems,” Erik Gendrichek noted.

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While Weiss will have leading taxis at his side, Slovan could be successful not only on the local scene.

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