October 22, 2021

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Virtual offices are used by businesses and they know why.  How much is it and is it legal?

Virtual offices are used by businesses and they know why. How much is it and is it legal?

Not every business or trade requires its own office space, on the contrary, more and more professions and fields depend on mobility and flexibility.

Do you have an online store, do you do craft or construction work, do any mental work or provide services apart from one fixed place? Then the Virtual Headquarters service is the solution for the management associated with the headquarters of the business. If you have not yet encountered this term, read the following lines carefully.

The virtual headquarters is not the same as the PO Box company

If you haven’t heard of the term virtual headquarters yet, you might be wondering what it’s all about. Basically, it is about renting an address with a PO Box for the official seat.

The virtual headquarters can be used by small traders, single-person limited liability companies, large business corporations and non-profit organizations. It’s an ideal alternative to a physical office or home in your home, especially if your activities and work are not tied to one place and you don’t need your own space.

At the same time, many people mistake a virtual office with a mailbox company. This concept is negatively associated in the media with illegal and suspicious activities.

But the virtual headquarters is not the same as the PO Box company. While a mailbox company aims to cover the real owner and is usually just a “white horse abroad”, a virtual headquarters is an official headquarters rental service for entities in Slovakia.

Is it legal? Yes, it is also very useful

Therefore, in the previous paragraphs, we answered the question of what is the difference between a mailbox company and a virtual headquarters. This brings us to the topic of legality.

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virtual headquarters It is a legal alternative and is increasingly used for various entities. Whether you are self-employed, have a civil association or do business as a legal entity i.e. you have a business, Virtual Headquarters is the solution for every purpose.

Every entity must have an official address, either for purposes of registration in public records or for purposes of contacting authorities or the public.

Virtual headquarters services are globally usable. In addition to the official seat registration, they also include receiving mail, sorting and registering online, forwarding the mail in a certain period of time to the address of your choice, as well as, if necessary, sending it online or by fax if there is something urgent. Many settlements also provide additional administrative services.

Not only a better price, but also comprehensive services

There are two main benefits to using virtual headquarters services. The first, of course, is the financial savings compared to renting an actual office.

While office space in the wider city center costs around 150 to 300 euros, depending on the location and city, you can have a virtual corporate headquarters for around 20 euros. In addition, there are a number of virtual headquarters addresses in the city center or in commercial centers and buildings, where it will be more expensive to rent an office and despite the mentioned limit.

The second big advantage is the complexity of the services. The virtual headquarters will ensure that the administrative obligation of the headquarters is resolved in addition to ensuring that mail is received.

Unlike at home, there is no risk that the mailbox of the company will overwhelm the mailbox, and in comparison with the physical office, you have the advantage that the mail is downloaded to the virtual headquarters address even without you. This also applies to mail registered in your hands.

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Choose Sidlo.online, provider of 10 years experience

Finally, we would like to answer a specific question: which virtual headquarters provider to choose? We tend towards a certified company Sidlo.online.

There are more than enough reasons to choose this service. The most important is the positive customer experience, as references are the best sign of quality. Of course, we must not forget about the experience that this provider should give away. It has been on the market since 2010 and offers headquarters in Bratislava and Trenčín.

The third reason is a combination of complexity and exclusivity. You get all virtual headquarters services, including tagging, mail retrieval, mail logging, mail forwarding and solving business registry related administrative tasks.

To do this, you get an individual approach and customer service tailored to you. You can also be assured that there are no pofider companies, white horses or high-risk entities at the registered office address. The combination of all the mentioned advantages is what sets the provider apart from the competition and this is exactly what you need to work!