April 17, 2021

Vinci supports UK technology innovators

Four UK-based technology companies are among the top 10 startup groups from around the world to get Vinci’s support by 2021.

The French multinational company Leonard runs annual programs designed to support innovation as it brings new technologies to market through its Vinci business division. The team runs accelerator programs for initial and post-startups, and the post-panel is ready for direct deployment within the contractor’s plans.

UK start-ups joining the scheme later this year:

  • Eve, The developer of an auditory-security system for construction workers who use smart ear guards, aims to protect the auditory system from picking up harmful noise completely, and an online platform for noise and workers to express it;
  • Infocrit, Automats building management by integrating sensors with Internet management into artificial intelligence;
  • nPlan, A company that uses machine learning to identify key risks that can delay projects, helping planning in the tender and construction phases – an invention listed for the 2019 CN Award;
  • Travel control, Provider of software for advanced construction logistics and supply chain management.

There were also inventors from Canada, France, Israel, Poland and Portugal. Selected on this year’s list. In a statement, Leonard said six of the 10 companies selected were intended to help reduce the environmental impact of construction projects.

Eve CEO David Greenberg said: “We are pleased that Vince has identified its mission to raise the quality of security it hears in its business segments by bringing Eves into its program, and look forward to launching our first pilot projects with Vince in the future.”

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Eve said it is currently working with California Tri, Costine, Skanska, Ferrowall, Volcker Laser and Palm Nuttall to use its technology in the UK.

Last August, my risk-centric plan also won the support of Atkins, which aims to evaluate the technology of direct projects for customers over the next 12 months, including Heathrow Airport, while initially adopting the technology of Loing O’Rourke Voyage Control.