January 21, 2022

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Viewers of Little Stage Harvest will see the musical and Dzjéra in the world

Trnava, Oct 9 (TASR) – Starting Friday (October 8) in Trnava, three professional theater artists will be evaluating the performances and productions of adult non-professional troupes at Small Regional Stage Harvest. The goal is to select the best that the region will represent in the all-Slovak Belopotocký Mikuláš competition, reports Daniela Polachova of the organized Trnava Enlightenment Center.

“Due to the interest, potential, and capabilities of theaters in the area, county tours were not organized,” Polášová said. The pandemic has limited bands’ ability to introduce new products; The Youth Theater was not represented at all this year.

A total of five productions were included in the show in 2021, on Friday the first two were in the program – the cheerful family of the Och Theater from Chtelnice near Piešťany and Svatuškár from the Záhorák Amateur Theater from Senice.

On Saturday, the Ján Palárik Theater will run from 1 p.m. The annotation to the production is that no one will change his fate, everything that is supposed to happen will happen. From 4.30pm, the theater on TrakOch will present the production of Dzjér to the world. In the end, the audience, who can attend all performances with free entry in OTP mode, will move to the second permanent theatrical stage in Trnava. In the theater studio of the Disk na Kopánke Theatre, the troupe, which was founded in 1955 and is one of the oldest in Slovakia, will present the author’s Nový prostor play at 9 pm. Under the direction of longtime director Blah Ular, a production was created that was “full of nonsense and disgust, which is probably why it was dedicated to an Icelandic cartoonist named Hoglikor Dagson”.

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TOS addressed the director of the Institute of Theater and Film Sciences of the Arts Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Elena Knopova, actress and organizer of theater festivals Martina Koval and director of the Trnava Theater Juraj Bilic, to judge this. Products offered in the year. The regional competition fair was supported from public sources by the Art Support Fund, which was co-financed by the Trnava Autonomous Region.