December 2, 2021

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Video: UFC: Uduvet Klein lost the second game in a row. Winner of Nate Landwehr

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After winning his first in the prestigious MMA organization, Uduvet Klein lost the second match in a row. He came out at UFC Fight Night 195 at Apex in Las Vegas at 2:22 in the third round. American Nate “Tank” Landware won with a technique called anaconda.

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The brutal battleship Landwehr was surprised by a tactical approach. Raising his hands unconventionally high, he tied Klein into trouble instead of shooting. The Slovakian’s first in the UFC had a good start, but after a nail in the middle of the first round he couldn’t find the right distance. The cautious American attacked in the last 20 seconds, probably turning the bike to his side and gaining confidence.

Klein opened the second round with a high kick, but Tank quickly tied him up again. He dug his feet into the ring in order to slow down the Slovak. In the second half of the round, Landwehr hit a choke called Anaconda for the first time, and Klein escaped half a minute later. However, the opponent had the upper hand, with his knees mostly over his head in a Thai lobe gradually destroying New Zealand.

Klein only saved himself at the end of the second round. His energy was running out, and his opponent was in disgust with the match. He had nothing to endanger Landwehr and remained standing in front of him, experts warned. When he didn’t reach the attack, he tried to stop him abruptly. Rather than a reflection, it was a sign of ruin. Klein was not in danger on the ground, on the contrary, the opponent grabbed the anaconda again and tightened it this time.

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Ludovin Klein matches in the UFC:

26 09. 2020: Klein – Shin Young (New Zealand) – Koo (1st ed., 1:16)
08.05.2021: Klein – Michael Trizzano (USA) – body (28-29, 28-29, 27-30)
16. 10. 2021: Klein – Nate Landwer (US) – likes (3. round, 2:22)

Did not benefit from the change hill

Klein lost for the second time in a row after eight wins in four years. In the UFC he has a 1-2 credit, a total of 17-4. In another duel, he fights for survival in the most prestigious organization.

The Slovak, after May’s defeat to Michael Trezan, announced the “hill of changes”. He began to collaborate with strength and fitness coach Miloslav Sepp and mental trainer Radek Sivczyk.

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Klein admitted that he struggled with overtraining in the final weeks of training before Trezan. He was guided by the motto “less is sometimes more”. He also made a mistake and before the match he did not return from camp at Sanford MMA in Florida for less than a month to Slovakia. However, he did not benefit from the changes in preparation and approach.

Landwer is a former champion of the prestigious Russian M-1 organization, twice defending his title before moving on. He entered the bout with Clyne with a 1-2 in the UFC, in addition to winning points, and took the knockout twice in the first round. He took charge of the estranged duo and may well be worth a new contract. In general, he has a record of 15-4.

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