December 7, 2021

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Video: UFC: Jan Blachowicz lost, Glover Teixeira is champion. For the title Jiří Procházka

Yesterday 23:20

Surprisingly, Glover Teixeira won the UFC Heavyweight title at the age of 42. Jan Blachovich was forced out at UFC 267 in Abu Dhabi at 3:02 in the second round.

In the opening minute, Teixeira was given a chance to turn things around. After a quiet start into the second round, Blachowicz missed twice in a takedown attempt, but after two minutes he collected a heavy left on his chin and staggered for a while.

He tried to fight back, but the opponent brought him under his control again and this time in a more advantageous position. Use the back bare choke technique to hit the pole.

The Brazilian scored 33-7 and booked the sixth consecutive win. He won the title at the second attempt, in April 2014 losing points to Jon Jones. He became the second oldest champ after Randy Couture (heavyweight at 45 years 4 months).

“Never give up on dreams. Don’t listen to negative people, they will try to knock you down. I am 42 years old, breaking the rules. I will continue to violate them,” Teixeira said in response to the outsider’s role.

“The legendary Polish force was left in the hotel room,” Blachovich said disappointedly. He has only lost a second in his last 11 matches (28-9 on aggregate).

The duel was closely watched by Jiří Procházka, who is second on the leaderboard. The Czechs were an official alternative in the event that a combatant could not join. He will most likely get a chance at the title.

Teixeira said in an interview after the match that Prochazka’s team is next in the standings and the fight could take place in May next year. UFC president Dana White said the duel has yet to be confirmed. Procházka is expected to start against Austrian Aleksandar Rakic ​​first.

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Jean with a temporary nickname, the hero was called a clown

The main match before the bout for the provisional welterweight title brought about an impressive technical struggle. Peter Jan (16-2) won all points in 4 of 5 rounds. Corey Sandhagen (14-4) seemed to surprise him at first, but gradually the Russian found the distance and the recipe for the American. Jean’s blows had a greater impact, in the last three rounds he was not far from the end.

The Russian returned to a winning streak after losing his title in March when Jamaican Aliamine Sterling hit the ground with a knee-break in violation of the rules.

The first champion, who won the title by disqualifying the opponent, quit the originally planned revenge against Jean due to a back injury. The Russians claim that sterling is artificially extending its days on the throne of bantam scales. He is still believed to have simulated complications after injuring an illegal knee from the first game.

In a post-match interview, he called the Jamaican a clown and did not rule out the possibility of a fight against former champion TJ Delashaw.

Macachev questioned the title fight

Nurmagomedov’s young daughter-in-law Islam Machoff (21-1) dominates at the lightweight, teacher-style. Since October 2015, he has attributed his ninth straight victory, taking Dana Hokra (21-11) in the Dagestan Arboretum to fight on the ground.

Macachev defeated Kimura before the middle of the first round. Immediately after scalping in sixth place, the top five asked Dan Dan Witt for a chance to take the title. Hooker paid the price, among other things, for accepting the match just one month after the previous duel.

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Shimayev’s return. He got 2 hits in 4 duels

Last year’s superstar Chamzat Chimayev (10-0) is back after ending his career momentarily in March due to complications related to the coronavirus. Last year, when he joined the UFC, he won three times in 66 days!

A Chechen national representing Sweden enjoyed the start and put in a great show. Li Jingling (18-7) lifted himself into the air at first and shouted to the soaring Dan Wet to watch.

He fitted the Chinese in three and a quarter minutes after the dominant performance, winning with the Naked Throttle technique. As in the previous two duels, he received no success, collecting only two hits during his UFC debut from John Phillips. The emerging big star asked anyone in the Velter Division. After the obvious scalp of the eleventh man in the rankings, this could be the next big name.

Ozdemir did not stop the walkway

Former heavyweight title contender Daniel Cormier, Volkan Ozdemir (17-6), did not come out of last year’s loss to Prochazka. At the same place in Abu Dhabi after a year and a quarter in a tactical duel that was clearly not enough even for Magomed Ankalayev (16-1).

The Dagestan warrior always hit an extra punch in exchanges, was tougher and more accurate. He defeated the Swiss in the first round, in the second he caused a massive tear in his left eye. Ozdemir gradually lost confidence in himself, and did not proceed to the attack. And if this was the case, then Ankalaev severely punished him.

The Michkala native won unanimously for points. After losing to Paul Craig in their first UFC match, they won seven times in a row. The Seventh Division defeated the Eight.

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Conqueror Végh defeated conqueror Pest

Prior to his UFC debut, Alexander Volkov (34-9), Attila Vig at M-1 in a tactical-led duos defeated Marcin Tybur (22-7). The Russian, who is more than two meters tall, returned to the winning wave after losing in June to score points with interim heavyweight champion Cyril Jean.

For a change, Polish conqueror Viktor Best in the UFC lost a streak of five straight wins. Eight of the ratings weren’t enough for five.