January 21, 2022

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Video: The Internet is amused by Conor McGregor's terrible plot

Video: The Internet is amused by Conor McGregor’s terrible plot

The wrestler defended himself by claiming that he was standing on his injured leg.



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Famous MMA wrestler Conor McGregor participated in a match between the Minnesota Twins and the Chicago Cubs, where he was invited to perform the opening pitch, write MMA News. McGregor often takes advantage of his opponents, but this time he was the target of ridicule.

The tone of his voice was shocking, not even hitting Patrick Wisdom’s gauntlet. The gladiator just laughed at his mistake, could not be distracted and with wisdom they were enjoying a little rudeness. However, the Internet did not give him this simple mistake.

Twitter user he wroteDespite the poor quality, this is his best sporting performance in the last period. Another gentleman jokingThat wrestler should ask UFC President Dan Witt to repeat the pitch.

However, Conor McGregor did nothing about it and commented on the incident with a clear view. He said his throw was powerful enough, but lacked accuracy. He justified this by saying that he was standing on his left leg, which he injured in the last match.

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