January 22, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Video The girl borrowed her friend's track pants: what she found in her pocket came exactly

Video The girl borrowed her friend’s track pants: what she found in her pocket came exactly

The man found out that his wife was sleeping with his neighbor: sent him a link to a photo that flew around the world

Laurie posted a video of her standing in front of a large mirror. He suddenly turned his phone toward the pocket of his suit and pulled out the condom case. “I borrowed sweatpants from my friend and found these.” He holds a red cap in his hand and turns the camera on his friend who is lying in bed and asks: “Am I going crazy now or later?”

Tweet embed Am I going crazy now or later #Lover # tiger dance #yikes ♬ Seventeen Go Under – Editing – Sam Fender

The publication received a lot of attention. Many wondered if Laurie was dating her friend. In another video, she revealed that she didn’t and asked her fans if she should ask him right away without doing anything crazy. Users immediately sent her a lot of tips. Someone advised her to wait until the holidays to reveal themselves, go to dinner with her partner, pay for everything. And as a gift he has to give him a condom cover with the words that “He knows he’s small, but…” Another advised her to show it directly to a friend and ask if he was comfortable with that size. “Give him a little box of it and go away.”

Tweet embed Reply to @oceanbilsspare, let’s at least make this interesting #2 people can play this game # photos # tiger dance #Lover # coffee ♬ original sound – Molly

In the update, the girl stated that a woman had contacted her on Instagram and confirmed her suspicion of her boyfriend’s infidelity. “TikTok helps me discover everything,” Laurie said sadly. “I’m sorry girl. You’re beautiful and fun, and you’re going to find someone better.” One user encouraged it.

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