January 29, 2022

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Video The biggest scandal: The Prime Minister's colleagues organized a party during the lockdown, the oldest defense

Video The biggest scandal: The Prime Minister’s colleagues organized a party during the lockdown, the oldest defense

The video only confirmed media reports about a Christmas party on Downing Street at a time when similar events were banned. However, the British government continues to deny violating any rules. Prime Minister Johnson has announced that the entire case will be investigated for increasing unrest.

Source: SITA / Adrian Dennis / Pool via AP

The scandal started with an article last week Daily Mirror, Citing his sources, he said that Downing Street top workers held a meeting on December 18 last. “A Christmas party, forced to be home all over the world.” The BBC released a similar report. Ahead of Christmas 2020, Britain was experiencing a strong second wave of the Govt-19 epidemic, and on the day of the ban there were drastic measures in London, banning any indoor meetings. The government said on Twitter on December 17 that people were not allowed to organize “Christmas Lunch or Dinner” In the work environment.

The next day after the announcement, the government was to meet at Christmas in Downing Street. However, its officials say they are complying with the measures. Kid Malthouse, deputy minister for crime, said he did not know if a party had taken place. “But even if it did, no action would be taken.” A Downing Street spokesman denied the party.

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Glass wine with cheese

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office reaffirmed that position after ITV released a video on Tuesday last December saying his colleagues were working together. The footage reveals a press conference training by the Prime Minister’s Office looking for a strategy to deal with any issue. “I went home. Wait, wait, um … what’s the answer?” Boris Johnson spokeswoman Alegro Stratton says. “It’s not a party, it’s a glass of wine with cheese.” Recommended by a colleague. He said it was a joke and the others there laughed. “This imaginary party is a business meeting. And there are no breaks.” Stratton ends with a smile.

Today, a former spokesman for the British Prime Minister offered his resignation and apologized for his behavior at the time. “I’m sorry for these statements for the rest of my life and I deeply apologize to all of you for them.” According to Reuters. “I understand the anger and frustration people feel. I apologize to everyone who lost their loved ones and experienced unbearable loneliness. This afternoon, I presented my closet to my Prime Minister.” Stratton said yesterday.

Following the release of the video, the government withdrew its delegates from the early radio and television programs, with the first detailed response coming during Prime Minister Johnson’s noon speech in the House of Commons of the British Parliament. “I was angry when I saw the video. I wholeheartedly apologize for the outrage it has caused in the country and for the appearance it creates. Announced. However, according to the BBC, he reiterated that no party had taken place and that the rules had not been violated.

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Video Massive Corruption: Colleagues

Zdroj: SITA / AP / Jessica Taylor / House of Commons

They know they can not agree

According to opposition leader Khair Stormer, millions of Britons now have the right to think that the Prime Minister is fooling themselves. “They knew the party was over. They knew it was against the measures in practice. They knew it could not be accepted. And they thought it was fun.” Stormer commented on the actions of Johnson’s aides in the compromise video. “It is clear what happened.” He added. According to him, the Prime Minister’s apology did not make anything clear. Representatives of the ruling Conservative Party, longtime MP Roger Gale, called for a quick explanation of the situation. MP Tracy Croche said “All Alone”. According to Laura Queensberg, the BBC’s general correspondent for politics, there are many conservatives. “Unprotected” A “A disaster”. The Daily Mail, Britain’s best-selling tabloid newspaper, had a scene with Stratton. “Perverted Humor”.

This is not the first violation of the measures

This is not the first time the British government has faced allegations of cheating or corruption in an epidemic. A month ago, his decision to refuse to accept a Conservative MP nominated by an independent ethics committee provoked similar outrage. Mention is also made of Dominic Cummings, then Johnson’s adviser, traveling across the UK during the first lockdown. The scandal erupted at a time when the government was considering introducing new, more drastic measures against the corona virus.

Corona virus activity is also being aggravated by the UK: working from home and wearing clothes

The case is being investigated by Chief Minister Simon Case. His job is to clarify the facts and inform him quickly about his results. “None of the participants will be fined if the rules are actually violated.” Said the Prime Minister. In return, Stormer suggested defending the case and admitting his mistake. He is not known to be involved in the case as police are investigating “Backward Violations of Corona Virus Activities”, It is said that there is no standard procedure. However, the British press has warned that London authorities will continue to prosecute those involved in the illegal encounter that took place on the outskirts of London on December 18 last year.

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