January 19, 2022

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Video: Slovan apparently defeated Pohronie. The goal was scored in the match

Slovenia Bratislava players celebrate the goal.
Photo: TASR – Jakub Kotian

The ŠK Slovan Bratislava players won their home game Sunday in the 10th round of the Fortuna League against FK Pohronie Žiar nad Hronom Dolná Ždaňa high 5:1. Slovan leads the table with 23 points. Pohronie is already waiting to win the league with eight duels and with five points he is in last place.

SK Slovan Bratislava – FK Pohronie Ziar nad Hronom Dolna Zdana 5:1 (3:1)
Objectives: 24. Mráz, 40. De Marco, 42. Henty, 54. Zmrhal, 67. movš (own) – 34. Križan (own). ŽK: Kokovas, Mazan and Badulu (all Pohronie). Decisions: Ochotnický – dám, Kmec, 2893 spectators.
cellophane: Šulla – Medveděv (46. Hrnčár), Križan (76. Vojtko), Abena, De Marco – Čavrič (77. Adler Da Silva), Agbo (76. De Camps), Rabiu, Zmrhal – Henty, Mráz (80. Dražič) ))
Bohroni: Hrdlička – Blahút, Štrba, Pajer, Kokovas (46. Ladji) – Lásik (64. Adamec), Mazan – Scislak (64. Čmovš), Badolo (64. Horák), Záhumenský – Lačný (87. Škrteľ)

First half the time

Visiting goalkeeper Hrdlička was the first to fear Mráz, who fired into the side netting from a corner. Križan ran on a brilliant ball from Križan, which overcame the offside trap, and the goalkeeper scrambled out and tried the ball, but the ball was unsuccessful.

The home team’s fans breathed a sigh of relief when Zmrhal and Mráz were unable to net the ball after displaying skills on the left side in the 24th minute of the match.

Pohronie fired Záhumensk’s technical shot, which fell just over the crossbar, and leveled in the 43rd minute. He passed Padula’s heart from the right flank through Abyan to the surprising Krishan and scored his own goal.

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The steady state only lasted for a moment, Rabiot centered in the penalty area, Di Marco ran and returned the lead to the favorites with a header.

He quickly doubled down on Hunty, got the rebound, threw it to his right and “hung” it relentlessly under the crossbar.

Shortly before the break, Ceslak was not punished for misunderstandings in the back rows of the “whites” and poor boxing made by goalkeeper Šull.

II. half time

With him trailing by two goals in the Champion’s Court, the guests could only think of earning a point with a little sporting prodigy.

It did not come, on the contrary, in the 54th minute Bratislava was already leading 4: 1 after punishing the meager Pohronia defense. Henty hits Pajer, through which the ball rebounded in front of the goal, as Zmrhal flowed behind Hrdlička.

After Henty’s procedure, Mr.záz set up a shooting position for substitute Hrnčár, who narrowly missed the goal with a cross. A similar unloading opportunity was immediately found by the guests at the opposite end, Mazan also hardly hit the three-column space with an accidental attempt.

In the 67th minute, Bouhroni collected five times, after a pass from Zamrhalla to the penalty area, the ball fell into his own net by substituting Omovich.

The guests did not conclude with sympathy even in the specific case, Záhumensk pulled the movement on the left wing, found Pajer and after his shot, made a good intervention by Šull from the first.

In the end, he saved his team from greater disaster Hrdlička, who alternately dealt with two options Adler Da Silva.

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