January 19, 2022

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Video shopping panic in the UK: Fight for fuel!  With thousands of empty pumps, the government wants to stop an army

Video shopping panic in the UK: Fight for fuel! With thousands of empty pumps, the government wants to stop an army

Many petrol stations in the UK are currently short of petrol and diesel, and there have been several days of panic purchases and long queues. The reason is the huge shortage of truck drivers, which has led to previously empty supermarket shelves.

The good news: Britain is easing the rules for international travel

Several hours of driving training and testing have been postponed due to a corona virus infection. In addition, about 20,000 skilled workers have migrated due to Brexit, mainly from Eastern Europe – but at the same time, new, stricter immigration rules prevent immigration.

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Visas are planned for 5,000 foreign truck drivers

To combat this problem, the government plans to issue work visas to 5,000 foreign truck drivers. Maderson, president of the association, criticized the government’s plan for being “backward”. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has long opposed the visa waiver because one of Brexit’s goals is to end the independence movement.

Video shopping panic

Source: profimedia.sk

Players have to jump like truck drivers

As part of the package, the government now wants to allow tens of thousands of additional driving tests per year. In addition, working conditions need to be improved. According to the Times, players are about to surprise themselves as truck drivers in the short term. They are said to take a week to be ready to deploy.

The number of EU citizens living in the UK is declining rapidly throughout the year: both Gronavirus and Brexit

Video shopping panic

Source: profimedia.sk

Minister: Problems in supply chains

On Sunday evening, Economy Minister Kwazi Quarten suspended the competition rules that allow the industry to work together to overcome deficiencies. “There are long-term contingency plans to work with the industry to protect the fuel supply and further distribute in the event of a major disruption.” Quarteng said. He insisted there was enough fuel, but acknowledged problems with the supply chains.

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