January 29, 2022

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Video: Dalibor Dvorský broke the record for Pastrňák or Forsberg

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In June alone this year, he celebrated his 16th birthday, but he has already managed to break several records. Slovakian striker Dalibor Dvorsko is described as one of the greatest hockey talents of recent times, which he confirmed in his office in Sweden.

On February 2, 2021, at the age of 15, 7 months and 18 days, he scored a goal in Banska Bystrica’s jersey against HK Nitra, thus becoming the youngest goalscorer in history in our top competition. He broke Marian Gaboric’s record from 1997/98.

After the season ended, he returned to Sweden where he worked for nine years. He came to Banská Bystrica to play due to the coronavirus pandemic and suspended youth competitions in Sweden.

Before that, he managed to shine in the Hlinka Gretzky Cup, which was held in Piešťany, in the tournament for hockey players under the age of 18. He contributed greatly to the historical progression of Slovakia to the finals. He scored eight goals and added four assists, with 12 points equaling the championship record, but then he defeated Matvey Mikov, and the Slovaks curiously helped him.

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Slovakia withdrew its goalkeeper in the 2:6 minute and deprived Dvorsky of the first place …

The season began in the youth selection of AIK Stockholm, but gradually reached the first team, which plays the second highest Swedish competition. He scored his first point and goal in his seventh performance. The duel against the IF Troja-Ljungby team culminated in the blitz, where Dvorsk got a chance twice and turned the two attempts, thus his team’s victory and attempt to win was also recorded in the stats.

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At the age of 16 years and 169 days, he became the fifth youngest goalscorer in the history of the second-highest Swedish league and the first youngest foreign goalscorer. In the players’ standings outside Sweden, the Boston Bruins star beat Czech David Pastrik.

In general, he also advanced on names like Filip Forsberg, William Nylander, and Mikael Backlund.

Dalibor Dvorsk is considered one of the greatest talents in the 2023 draft, and is estimated to be in the top five or three. The aforementioned Russian Matvey Mikov must fight with Canadian Connor Bedard for the unit position. Some compare their initial rivalry to fighting Alexander Ovechkin vs. Sidney Crosby.

Youngest scorer in the second highest Swedish league.

Source: twitter.com/hockeyallsvensk

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