January 28, 2022

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VIDEO: Can't be played anymore: Sylina's match with Seneca had to be ended prematurely

VIDEO: Can’t be played anymore: Sylina’s match with Seneca had to be ended prematurely

In the picture, the Zilina players celebrate after scoring a goal Source: TASR / Lukáš Grinaj

SENECA – Friday’s match of Round 16 of the Fortuna Football League between FK Senica and MŠK ilina was not completed due to unqualified terrain. The main referee prematurely ended the duel after the first half at 1: 1.

The match in Seneca was affected by heavy snowfall from the start, and it was played in difficult conditions. The home team took a 1 – 0 lead 16 minutes into the match, thanks to a breakthrough by Egy Maulanu Vikri, who scored with a superb shot from the right after a cross pass. During the first half, it completely snowed on the field and the players did not come after that. Due to the condition of the stadium, the referee decided to end the match prematurely. The clubs later agreed to finish the second half on Tuesday 30 November at 3pm.

The main referee at the meeting, Michel Smolak, stated that due to the deteriorating conditions, he had no choice but to stop the match. “The playing area became unfit for the match. It became dangerous for the players and I didn’t want to take responsibility. We wanted the match to end, but it didn’t work out. I repeat, it would be dangerous and the playing area was unsuitable for the game,” Smolák stated in a press release for ÚLK.

“According to Article 70 of the Competition Rules and Article 16, the letter” f “of the table managed by ÚLK, in this case the incomplete part of the match is completed. This means that the second half of the match of Round 16 of Dorina Seneca Jilina. Both clubs have agreed on a date new , “ Michal Mertiñak, CEO of the League of Clubs Association (ÚLK), told fortunaliga.sk.

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Vote after the match

Peter Pavlik, Captain Sinnis

Michel Smolak, chief referee of the meeting

Jacob Bohr, Captain Jelena

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