December 2, 2021

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Video: A weekend in life and a beautiful celebration with Vlhova: the curvy German girl laughed like Lecha

Video: A weekend in life and a beautiful celebration with Vlhova: the curvy German girl laughed like Lecha

Petra Velhova and congratulations to Nymka Lina Durova Zdroj: SITA / AP / Alessandro Trovati

Levi – In January 2013, Veronica Velez-Zuzulova achieved her third victory at the Alpine Ski World Cup. In the parallel night slalom in Moscow, she will gradually eliminate Austrian Alexandra Domova and Finland’s Tanya Potiainen, and in the semi-finals also Swiss Wendy Holder.

In the finals of the city race on the slope prepared specifically for the Moscow Exhibition Center, only 21-year-old Lena Durova will face. Not enough for a talented German woman.

Her native Munich beat a hundredth of a second in the first race, in the second she increased another 42 percent and is celebrating her first victory among the elite skiing.

He has no idea that he will have to wait almost nine years to get the next podium.

She debuted at the World Cup in February 2008. At the time, Austrian legend Marlis Schild dominated the most spinning discipline, and the biggest stars of contemporary women’s skating, Petra Velhova and Michaela Schiffrin, were under thirteen.

Can bear it on stage

More than five thousand days passed and the Slovak-American-German trio gathered on the podium. Even in a running slalom.

1. Vlhová, 2. Shiffrinová, 3. Dürrová

Petra (12) and Michaela (45) had 57 victories before the slalom at Levi’s and not having them on stage would mean a big surprise. And Katharina Linsbergova, Michele Gisenova, Wendy Holdenrova, Anna Soynova-Larsonova and Andrea Slokarova also did not hide their ambitions.

But a 173-inch-tall German woman burned a pond for everyone.

I hit the first shot on Saturday, zipping down the track as the fifth in a row, and losing an accepted 72th of a second to best Vlhová. In the second round, she embellished her stunning performance with her first slalom slalom turn of her career. Only the defender of a large crystal ball was faster.

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Dor was happy and happy when she reached the finish line. When she realized that the theater would not escape her this time, no tears were shed. sCrazy, just crazy. finally! It was an endless journey, but better late than never.” She was looking forward to the outcome of her life.

He has a positive relationship with Vlhová, they trained together several times and after the unexpected success of the 30-year-old German woman on the slope of Levi Black, they recovered with joy.

If they said the same team would dominate Sunday’s slalom slalom, they might have won stronger.

“It was fun. I thought after yesterday, but I didn’t expect both rounds to work, it rarely happens to me. Petra Vlova and I have trained a lot in the past few years and she has been very happy with me. Can bear on stage.” Dor laughed at the finish line.

While she had to wait years for the box’s first offering to be hacked, the second success came almost immediately. On Sunday, it delivered roughly the same performance as the day before and added another 60-point chunk to the current World Cup standings.

The SP carousel moves abroad after an adventure outside the Arctic Circle. In Killington, USA, there is a mega slalom on the program on Saturday, November 27, and a slalom the next day. Four-time Champion Shiffrin is the record holder and so far undefeated star in the event.

Petra Flova has been ranked second three times in the Northeast United States.

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