October 22, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Verstappen suffered a sore throat after an accident at the Grand Prix in England, and they calculated the damage to his monopost.

Verstappen suffered a sore throat after an accident at the Grand Prix in England, and they calculated the damage to his monopost.

Max Verstappen is recovering well after a poor appearance at the England Grand Prix in the Formula 1 Championship Series in Silverstone. This is what Red Bull adviser Helmut Marco says.

“We thought he would be totally hard from the hard impact, but he only has a sore throat. Otherwise, everything will be fine.” The Austrian expert said in an interview with RTL.

At the end of the first round dramatic race on Sunday, the Dutch leader of the series clashed with defending champion Britain’s Lewis Hamilton, who was then penalized for ten seconds for his aggressive driving style.

Verstappen got out of the car alone

At 290km / h, Verstappen collided with a tire barrier, delivering 51G of power at the time. He got out of the car on his own, but apparently trembled, he went to Coventry Hospital for an examination. From there, with Father Jose, he went to a hotel room.

“He was discharged from the hospital with serious injuries. His father stayed with him overnight at the hotel, but only for security reasons.” Said Marco. The former Formula 1 pilot calculated the damage caused by the Red Bull as the track crew removed the remnants of Verstappen’s monopost.

At the moment, it looks like a quarter of a million euros. We still do not know if at least one Honda engine can be saved from a car accident. “ The 78-year-old was declared a native of Cross, who during his career won the 24-hour Le Mans well-known endurance race.

Hamilton had no reason to apologize

Verstappen said he did not like his main rival on the social network Hamilton when he celebrated his victory at Silverstone. He described it as disrespectful to him.

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Seven-time world champion Hamilton responded that there was nothing to apologize for as the aggressive wheel-to-wheel ride was demonstrated by both actors. He later told Autosport that he did not want the incident to break the mutual respect between the two big rivals in the fight for the championship title.

“We have to learn from this accident and find balance in our rides so that such dangerous moments do not happen. It rarely happens that only one driver can cause such a thing. This is usually a combination of two or more competitors showing up on the track. We need to maintain mutual respect. Hamilton said.