January 29, 2022

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Verstappen overtook Hamilton in a ‘too crazy’ performance, admitting he didn’t

Yesterday at 20:00

In qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Saturday, Max Verstappen shone again and made the most of his car. His boss Christian Horner couldn’t believe his eyes and spoke of the “totally crazy” bike.

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He was mainly surprised because Red Bull came under pressure from Verstappen in the last minute. The team did so so the Dutchman could match the power of the supercharged engine driving Lewis Hamilton’s single-pillar down the strait.

“I thought it was one of Max’s best laps of the season,” Horner told Britain’s Sky Sports F1. “We took the pressure off because it was the only way we could pester them on the strait. After the first quarter, I thought we couldn’t give times like Lewis. But since the second quarter, we’ve started to thrive.”

Verstappen was also helped by a 371 millisecond lead by fellow Red Bull Racing teammate Sergio Perez, who made his air curtain straight. He deliberately slowed, then pulled Verstappen behind him and cornered in front of the braking area.

“It was absolutely perfect teamwork,” Horner praised himself. “We simply knew it at the time. Then Checo sacrificed the perfect bike for Max and gave him performance. Either way, it didn’t bring us half a second, but only a tenth or twenty. Overall, I think given the amount of pressure, Max gave one last crazy sector .completely insane.”

One problem could be that Verstappen will start on soft tires after braking from Q2. Hamilton will wear more durable media. Would that be a defect?

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Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen

Source: Reuters

“When we discussed it in the morning we noticed it 50:50. We are not disappointed from the start on the soft tyres. Well, the media is more aggressive, but in general we don’t know what kind of deterioration we will have in the race. It will be very interesting to see how that turns out” . Doddell Christian Horner.

His opponent also acknowledged the quality of Verstappen’s tour. “It was a really cool run that we just couldn’t answer.” The seven-time world champion said. “But I think thanks to the tires we are in a good position before the race.”

“On the first try (in the last part of qualifying) I lost some time in the fifth corner. However, the last round was nice and clean, and I couldn’t go any faster. I don’t know if it was to do with the tyres, but I didn’t have one for the time. Today. He deserves first place. Together we will stand first, we have other tires and overall a pleasure to see,” Hamilton added.

“IM so happy.” Zarijuval Verstappen. “We just knew that at the time. However, looking at how they looked from the last few races, it’s obviously not going to be easy. I’m really looking forward to racing, because that’s the most important thing. It’s going to be important to start well, go in the particular race. you and do your best. We’ll see what it takes.”

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will start on Sunday at 14:00. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton each have 369.5 points.

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