December 7, 2021

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Vanguard is the worst selling Call of Duty game in 14 years

At least in the UK.

Setting up a new Call of Duty was a huge task, which was undoubtedly complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why Activision has deployed almost all of its in-house studios to develop Call of Duty, and the result of their efforts was the release we received on November 5th.

Well, initial indications show that none of the players in the new Call of Duty see such quality, or are simply tired of the series. According to, which covers the UK market, 40% fewer Call of Duty Vanguard copies were sold on the market during the first week than last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Additionally, these stats cover both physical and digital versions, so they can’t be blamed on the fact that players are transitioning to digital.

This means that Vanguard is the worst-selling Call of Duty since the first Modern Warfare game was released in 2007. Compared to the standard version of Call of Duty (Black Ops in 2010), this is a 200% drop. Even a pair of “weak” Call of Duty games sold better – Ghosts sold 52% more and Infinite Warfare 16% more.

According to statistics, the PlayStation platform accounted for 57% of sales and the Xbox platform 43% (PC data not available).

Perhaps the only positive info for Activision is that it still has a free Warzone, which is very popular. And in December, a new season begins with a new map and new content, which will definitely help the publisher’s sales.


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