January 29, 2022

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Vacuum Group responds to pandemic: We will provide health professionals with psychiatric help with funds for canceled Christmas party

The Vacuum Group of tech companies is partnering with the Who will help Slovakia platform to launch an initiative called Help Yourself, and it won’t give anything in a single interview. The goal of the project is to make it easier for them to access psychological help in the current situation when health professionals are about to get their fill.

An important drive for the campaign is its main message that health professionals help others, but it is also important that they consider helping themselves. It deserves one interview.

“In December, we planned to meet our partners and friends at a Christmas party, which of course we canceled due to the ongoing third wave of the epidemic. Instead of a party that is not only irresponsible in our eyes, but even immoral, we decided to donate the funds originally intended for testing participants in the Who Will Help initiative Slovakia. Our conversations have shown that we are clearly the most effective way to help by diverting this money into psychological help for doctors, nurses and other health professionals.” says Marian Porvanek, CEO of Vacuum Group.

One of the Vacuum Group’s portfolio companies is the Ksebe platform, which provides quick and easy access to psychological assistance for everyone. Depending on the profile, the applicant can choose a specific psychologist or psychiatrist and register for a physical or online session. Kseiba is the one who became one of the providers of psychological assistance within this project.

“We are delighted that the Vacuum Group has joined us in this budding initiative and have the opportunity to lend a helping hand to healthcare professionals. All they have to do is visit our website www.ksebe.sk, they choose the expert and the time that suits them for the consultation, they enter the special code that was produced for them and they can use our consulting services for free. We believe that a rare personal space where health professionals can dedicate themselves 100% to self-comfort will bring relief or become a long-term guide in life. It’s really easy and we think it will be used by as many health professionals as possible,” Petra ilinčanová explains for Ksebe.sk.

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“As part of our initiative, we have been focused on direct assistance to health professionals since the first wave of the epidemic. But in recent months, we have increasingly come to realize that it is not enough to provide only material assistance. It is equally important to strengthen the mental health of paramedics working under extreme stress.” Lucia Chekova explains the intentions of the initiative, who will help Slovakia in the initiative. Together with the experts, the Mental Health Association, IPček, the National Mental Health Support Line and the Ksebe.sk platform, they represent a mental support program for health professionals that connects the various forms of assistance available.

Healthcare professionals fighting on the front lines of the pandemic, if interested, can register for: https://ksebe.sk/pre-zdravotnikov/.

You can also find more information about the project at: https://ktopomozeslovensku.sk/hovorme-o-tom